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diy plant stand

DIY Plant Stand

My tween daughters love to take care of houseplants, so earlier this year I gave them each a spider plant. The problem was that neither of their spider plants were getting the sunlight they needed. … [Read More...]

Stay on track for a safe summer with Shriners Hospitals for Children and learn about the important safety rules to keep your kids injury-free this summer.

How To Have A Safe Summer

Summer is so much fun! Here in California, we are spending our long summer days playing on the playground, swimming at the beach, camping, and all of the other fun outdoor activities we can imagine. … [Read More...]


Party In A Jar

As I have mentioned before my husband comes from a rather large family. Because of this, some months we have almost 2 birthdays to celebrate and parties to attend each week. I would love to be able to … [Read More...]