April 19: Share Your Fa..


Good Morning SITStah’s! Is everyone having a wonderful weekend so far? On behalf of everyone at SITS, we wish you are wonderful Easter Sunday! How To Play Along When it comes to helping bloggers connect and grow their audience, you know we’ve got your back. Here’s how to play along: Feature Your Content! Ready to […]

Things to Know Before A..


Are you thinking about attending a blog conference? If so you’re mind is probably racing with different questions. What should you wear, what to bring, how to network with other bloggers and much more! Not to worry, every blogger has these questions and concerns prior to attending a conference. It’s normal!   What You Need […]

DiY Mama


It’s Friday, friends! We are so excited to welcome our flash featured blogger DiY Mama. Let’s all give her a warm welcome.   I am a craft loving, hot dog eating, flower picking, Disney obsessed, new mommy that lives with her handsome/nerdy husband and attention craving puppy. I am no longer a career woman but […]

Words I Wheel By


Happy Thursday, friends! Today’s featured blogger is Emily from Words I Wheel By! You will want to stop on by and check out her adventures on wheels.   Hi! I’m Emily, a passionate writer and disability rights activist. I started Words I Wheel By as a way to combine my passions and spread a message […]

The SITS Girls Secrets ..


Facebook, like social media, is an ever-evolving phenomenon. While there is no magic formula that will increase the number of fans or engagement, there are techniques that you can use to ensure that you are not missing out on the platform’s benefits and to grow your Facebook fan page.   How to Grow Your Facebook Fan […]

Probably Crafting


Happy Wednesday, friends! Are you excited about the upcoming holiday weekend? Today we are excited to share our featured blogger Probably Crafting. If you are looking for some fun crafts to do with kids, make sure to stop on by!   I’m a mother of three active, smart, wonderful kids. They keep me on my […]



Good morning, SITStah’s. Are you ready for a laugh? If so you’ll want to stop on by Mamapotamus. Crystal was voted on of the 10 hilariously funny blogs!   Written by full time mom / part time writer, Crystal Davis, Mamapotamus.net was voted one of Voiceboks.com’s Top 10 Hilariously Funny Blogs of 2014. This mom […]

5 Wearable DIY Projects


Everybody loves a good DIY project!  But, add in the intrigue of a wearable DIY project and my heart starts beating faster! Making something you can wear is a definite plus in my book.  Even better, giving a handmade wearable piece of jewelry is a great way to show someone that you care. And don’t […]

15 Best Plugins for You..

wordpress plugins

So you keep hearing about it.  This thing called a plugin. But what is it really?  Without getting into all the technical jargon a plugin is a feature on WordPress that allows bloggers to optimize and customize their websites.  With everything from detailed site statistics to a customized sidebar, the best plugins can help you […]

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