April 18th: Share Your F..

These are some of our favorite blog posts from last week's link up!

Good morning SITS-tahs! We hope you had a wonderful week. We are ready for a little relaxation this weekend, so stay in your pajamas, grab some coffee, and get ready to read amazing blog posts! Don’t forget Spring Into Social Media! It starts on Monday, and will be a whole week of social media tips […]

7 Tips For Successful Bl..

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level? These 7 tips for successful blogging is the perfect place to start.

I like to say that all of the success I’ve had in blogging and social media are the result of the many, many mistakes I’ve made. From starting on a basic platform with a ridiculous name (Silly Tater Tot), to taking terrible photos, to writing run-on sentences with no formatting, I’ve grown as a blogger […]

Target Inspired Window C..

Make your own shabby chic cabinet with this Target inspired window cabinet DIY.

Hello SITS readers! My name is Lindsay and I write the blog My Creative Days. Since this is my first time here, I will tell you a little bit about myself. I have been married to my wonderful husband for fifteen years. I am the luckiest DIY girl because my husband loves DIYing as much […]

How I Tripled My Faceboo..

facebook followers

Facebook followers- how many do you have? What if you could double or even triple the amount of followers you have? Well you’ve hit the jackpot! This blogger shares some tips, and tricks that led to her tripling her followers and, in the process, how she made tons of blogging friends. How I Tripled My […]

7 Tips For Awesome Produ..

Bloggers often have to take photographs of products for their blog. These seven product photography tips will help you get the best shots that your sponsors will love! | Blogging Tip

I know as bloggers, we all work hard to make sure we get our photos just right for our blog posts. Most of us don’t have professional studios and have to work with what we have! As a Photography blogger, I get asked a lot of questions about product photography. I’ve learned a few photography […]

How To Create An Editori..

Do you have an editorial calendar for your blog? These four tips helped me set up a blogging calendar that really works! | Blogging Tips

Keeping organized in one of the hardest things I struggle with. Not only do the kids run around making more messes for me to clean, but once I DO accomplish one thing off my to do list and sit down, I realize there is one more thing to clean or organize. Now I have a […]

10 Inspirational Food Ba..

Planning a party or wedding? You need a food bar! Here are 10 amazing food bar ideas .

Hello, my name is Leah, and I am a food station addict. I can’t get enough of them. I think the trend began with candy bars at weddings, and has since evolved. Candy is great, don’t get me wrong, but I think the best food bars are when they are personalized to fit the guest of […]


create stunning visuals

Images catch the eye more efficiently than text, so it’s time to create stunning visuals! Where do you find images to edit? Where can you edit them? This blogger has collected over 40 of her favorite tools and resources and is sharing them with you! 40+ Resources and Tools You Need to Create Stunning Visuals […]

Blogging Advice For The ..

Feeling uninspired? Here is some blogging advice to help you find writing inspiration again.

Let’s face it. We all have those days, weeks or months where blogging is difficult. Call it writer’s block or lack of motivation – it happens to the best of us and can be a struggle to get through. There are a few blogging tips and tutorials that I tend to turn to when I’m […]

Homemade Honey Body Scru..

Homemade honey beauty scrub great for keeping your skin smooth and healthy. It also makes a great DIY gift.

The Transition from spring to summer is my favorite season. I get to enjoy the gorgeous blue skies, the cool breeze and the warm sun all day long. You’ll catch me outside enjoying time with my husband and 3 little ones while we bike to the beach, do a little shopping, and catch a few […]

Grow Your Facebook Reach..

facebook reach

You’re posting but no one is liking or commenting. Sounds like you may need to grow your Facebook reach! Facebook uses algorithms to figure out who they think wants to be seeing your posts, but this ends up leaving most of your fans in the dark. This blogger shares the secret she stumbled upon that helped […]

Get Results From The Tim..

Learn how to use social media to your advantage with these social media tips to get results from the time you are spending online.

Social media is so accessible. Have smartphone, will tweet, pin, post, or comment. Those minutes you spend giving social juice to others can work for you, and I have 5 tips to help you squeeze more social media juice from the time you spend on it. If you are hoping to get results on social media, […]

Magnify Your Adsense Ear..


Are you using AdSense? Are you making any noteworthy money? The trick to boosting your earnings is not in just using AdSense and writing great content. This blogger shares her techniques for discovering the right posts to promote and subsequently, magnify your earnings. Magnify Your Adsense Earnings With This Simple Trick Do you look at your […]

Fun Vegetable Recipes (+..

7 fun vegetable recipes that will wake up your taste buds and turn a boring dinner into an event!

Hello Crafty SITS-tahs! Last week we had desserts on our mind, so we thought we would go a little healthier this week. We found seven fun recipes with vegetables in them – from baby purple Brussels sprouts to asparagus pizza and beet noodles – there is nothing boring about these vegetable recipes. Here’s Who We […]

How I Grew My Email List..

I great my email subscriber list to over 5,000 in 6 months. Learn how I did it, use my system to grow your own list! Blogging Tips | Email Marketing

Everyone wants a large email list. If you’re like I was last year, you may feel like growing your list is about as slow as watching grass grow. But if you take these steps that I discovered last fall, you’ll start to grow your email list in a short amount of time. Why should you grow […]

It’s Time to Sprin..

Get ready to grow your social media following during the fun Spring Into Social Media event with The SITS Girls!

One of the biggest challenges for many bloggers is making sense of social media. Fortunately, the amazing community of bloggers here at SITS is ready to help change all of that! Next week, we’re going to be starting our Spring Into Social Media event and we want you to be a part of it! Spring Into […]

Cubano Sandwich Recipe

Cubano Sandwich - This sumptuous grilled sandwich—a crusty roll filled with roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles— made famous in the movie Chef.

I wanted to see the movie Chef for FOREVER. I like Jon Favreau, I like Robert Downey Jr, and John Leguizamo…icing on the cake. Last Friday as I was flipping through Netflix, I could not be happier to see Chef in the line up. Movie night, done. The movie was so fun, and left me […]

9 Graphic Design Trends ..

graphic design trends

Knowing the graphic design trends is helpful when it comes to designing or redesigning your blog’s layout, creating pinnable images, or just plain being creative. Visualizing the trends can give you that idea you needed to finish your project or the inspiration you’ve been seeking. This blog shares the direction 2015’s design world has taken as well […]

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