Birthday Cake Ideas: Avoid a Fire

Greetings from sunny San Diego! Our first stop on the Bloggy Boot Camp Tour is happening today and we couldn’t be more excited. Joining us today, just steps away from the beach, are 120 fabulous bloggers ready to learn, network, and have some fun!

Before we head out, we wanted to turn our attention to Jill from the Hagler Happenings.

With 3 busy kids, a handy-man husband, and a rambunctious dog , Jill doesn’t have time for frilly or foofy.  Hagler Happenings is filled with stories of her journey through this gig called adulthood. Motherhood, marriage, and must-haves are the heart of her blog, with a bit of craftiness and sarcasm thrown in all while telling it as it is.

birthday cake ideas

Jill’s son asked for a University of Illinois basketball cake for his 10th birthday.  He put candles on it, not realizing he would burn the “ball.”  In the end, the Happy Birthday song was cut short in order to avoid a huge fire.

Go say hello to Jill sometime this weekend.

And before you leave, remember that our Weekend Sharefest is happening on both Saturday and Sunday. Link to your favorite post this week in your below comment and then visit two other SITStahs in roll call whose posts grab your attention.

See you Monday!

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    On a different note…I AM BACK….after a crazy year after getting married…I finally returned to my blog My Random Craziness.


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    That cake just made me crave sweets. I must head over there to see if she made that our what. Awesome!
    Hope you all enjoy your Saturday!!!

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    I hope you’re all having fun in CA! We just got back to the east coast, and I wish I was back there with you! And that cake is awesome. My hubby would love it!

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    Congrats, Jill! I am so happy for you!! I like your blog, as you know, and am glad others get a taste now too!

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      Ohhh… great idea! I love that all the boys were pointing while my son just sat there (and I of course grab the camera).

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    I wish I was crafty. Just came back from visiting the site and she’s one cool chica! Happy Saturday everyone!

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    Good afternoon, everyone! I’m off to train some clients but beforehand I just had to check in on SITS. Happy boot-camp to those of you that are there. Happy weekend all others :)

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    I am always so impressed by folks who can decorate cakes. Obviously it takes some talent but it also takes major creativity and sometimes engineering!

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    That cake is awesome! Heading over now to check out her blog. Hope the sun is shining and it’s a great weekend for everyone!

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    The cake looks great, am taking a visit to Jills blog as I type. The sun is shining here in the UK hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

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