The Big Weekend Wrap-Up

weekend wrap up

We’re trying something new on SITS today! Our regular SITS Girl in the Spotlight feature is expanding to include a look back at our favorite posts from last week, as well as a look ahead at what’s coming up next week. It is our way of giving readers a road map to where we are […]

Social Media Marketing: What Does the Future Hold?

social media marketing

Joining us today is Sheila Tan, the Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Marketing and Product Innovation at Align Technology. She leads the company’s product innovation strategies and oversees all aspects of marketing including positioning, new product introductions, customer relationship management, marketing communications and global brand integration for Invisalign™. In other words, she is […]

Pick Your Own Berries: A Summertime Tradition

pick your own berries

Can you believe summer is almost here? This means one of our favorite activities is right around the corner! Pick your own fruit and vegetable fields are such a summertime treasure. I love that it gives my family a one on one lesson from Mother Nature herself about where food comes from. There is something […]

How To A Make Facebook Page That Gets Noticed

Make a Facbook Welcome tab

We’re giving you everything you need to know to create a Facebook landing page on your own! In Part One of this Facebook mini-series, I talked about how important it is to make your Facebook Page stand out through customization. We stressed the importance of having a landing tab to welcome new visitors to your […]

Curvilicious Fashionista: For Girls with Curves

Curvilicious Fashionista

Let’s give Dary, a self proclaimed “curvy girl”, our warmest SITS welcome!  Dary’s blog, Curvilicious Fashionista is for “every girl with curves and a love of fashion, make-up and runways.  And, an added perk?  Dary’s information is in both English and Spanish. Tell us about yourself.  How long have you been blogging? I’m a curvy […]

Find Love and Learn What Men Want With a Giveaway

learn what men want

Do you want to understand men? Well, if you want to understand men, then you’ve got to think like one. Or better yet, you need to ASK ONE! Aesha from Aesha Online did just that when she wrote her eBook, What Men Think About Love and Marriage. Here’s what she has to say: If you’re […]

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