Spaghetti Sauce with a Secret Ingredient

spaghetti sauce recipes

If you are anything like me, you always have a bag of carrots at the bottom of your refrigerator crisper. It doesn’t matter the time of year, season, or holiday- there is always a bag. (sometimes large, sometimes small) Most of the time, those carrots find their way into our dinners, lunch bags, and maybe […]

Party Planning and Great Fun For Kids

great fun for kids

Meet Simone. She’s a fabulous blogger who is coming to us all the way from New Zealand! We love her philosophy on blogging and her passion for this space. Read Great Fun For Kids and get inspired… You blog from Down Under! I’m always so intrigued by bloggers from the other side of the world, […]

On Being a Mother: SITS Girl in the Spotlight

quotes mother

Let’s face it.  Motherhood is not for the faint of heart.  On any given day, you can run through the entire spectrum of human emotion….at least twice. But at the end of it all, being a mother and having that little person in your life really is a gift. Meet Amanda from Foodnatic.  She is […]

How to Garden: Secrets to Vegetable Success

how to grow a spring garden

Hi there! It’s me, Emily. I have someone I’d like to introduce you to. Her name is Trish and she blogs at The Kobialka Family. Trish’s world is pretty consumed with all kids, but one of her outlets is gardening. Gardening is one of those things that I always had on my “things I want to do this […]

Going 90 Miles Per Hour: Adrian’s Crazy Life

Please welcome, Adrian, one of our original followers as our special guest today.   Adrian (of Adrian’s Crazy Life) has been around almost since SITS inception, and she’s a model SITstah.  She roll calls (and has for years), she proudly displays her SITS button, she attends Bloggy Boot Camps, she comments on others blogs like […]

Special Olympics and P&G Say Thank You Mom


In celebration of the Special Olympics World Summer Games happening this summer in Greece, we’re proud to be partnering with Procter & Gamble as a way to encourage the great athletes participating and especially the mothers who devote so much time to helping them achieve their dreams. Please consider getting involved in a way that […]

Blogger to WordPress: Top 10 Most Common Mistakes

how to blog

We’re finishing up our discussion today on WordPress today with Sharon Hujik, the author behind the How to Move from Blogger to WordPress eBook.  On Monday, she helped us to understand whether it might be time to make the change for your blog.  Today, Sharon is sharing the top 10 mistakes people make when moving […]

30 Dates or Less: An Experiment in Moving On

Ladies, you are in for a treat!  Today’s Featured Blogger, Jolynna embarked upon an experiment to find out if she could get over her Ex in 30 Dates or Less, and allows us along on the journey.  Did she get over her ex?  Well, you’ll have to visit her blog to find out! How long […]

Book Club Continues with The Bird Sisters

best books

Andrea from Great Thoughts is back today and giving us an update on our latest book for the #SITSBooks Book Club.  To read more about the book club, or to pick up a #SITSBooks button for your blog, go here. We’re already looking forward to our next Twitter party with the book’s author, Rebecca Rasmussen.  […]

Are You Making Money With Blogging? Maybe You Can!


The topic of brands versus bloggers and how to form effective partnerships is something we are passionate about on SITS.  Just think back to the recent post from Jami of Gold PR where she described in detail what brands are looking for in the bloggers they work with. Our commitment to this topic aligns very […]

Still Inspired, Still Committed: Lesapea Musings


Joining us today is Lisa from Lesapea Musings. I love the pictures that Lisa sent us of her family. Most of the pictures include her son, Liam (age 7), daughter, Layla (age 3) and her husband, Jerry, who she will be celebrating her 14 year anniversary with this year! Jerry is her biggest fan and […]

Is It Time to Move From Blogger to WordPress?

wordpress how to

Over the last week in blogland, something has gone very wrong.  Our longtime friend, Blogger, has failed us.  Comments have been lost and people have been unable to access their blogs. It has all been quite chaotic.  We’re calling it the Great Blog Debacle of 2011. Lucky for us, Sharon Hujik, a self-taught computer geek […]

Fashion and Beauty: Three Haute Mamas

Three Haute Mamas

How fun would it be to manage a blog with your best friends? Three Haute Mamas is exactly that, a site run by women who have a history of friendship and that focuses on fashion and beauty, fun, and motherhood. Your blog is unique because there are three of your girlfriends updating regularly, has it […]

How to Travel With Kids & My Australian Adventure


G’Day! Just this last week I returned from my second trip to the land down under! The first time, about 18 months ago, my husband and I decided to brave the 15 hour flight ourselves and leave the kids behind. We had a fabulous trip, but I knew that this next time around I wanted […]

Come Share A Cup: My Cup2Yours

My Cup2Yours

Genny lives in California with her husband and two kids, where she balances writing with motherhood and loves both. She’s an author, blogger, book reviewer and coffee lover. Stop by her blog, MyCup2Yours, and share a cup! What inspired the title of your blog? I love getting together with friends over coffee and sharing what’s […]

Girls Hairstyles from Cute Girls Hairstyles

cute girl hairstyles

We have something extra special for our SITS Girl in the Spotlight feature this weekend. Joining us is Mindy and her darling girls from Adopt a ‘Do – Cute Girls Hairstyles. What’s great about Mindy is that she is using her blog to share something she loves doing with the world and people are taking […]

Basking in Berlin’s Brunch: Best Restaurants

restaurants in germany

My sister, Gianna, is back today, describing how she is living and eating her way through Berlin, Germany…especially on weekends, when it seems that brunch is a wonderful excuse to gather with friends and eat cake. I think I’d like to trade places with her, if only for this coming Sunday.  A meal spent leisurely […]

#SITSClass: Give Readers Choices… But Not Too Many


It’s our final lesson for the Think Like a Marketer class! If you missed the previous lessons, you can find Lesson 1: How to Blog Using Successful Branding here, Lesson 2: How to Create Brilliant Ideas & Brainstorm here, Lesson 3: What’s In It For Me & The Customer Experience here and Lesson 4: How to Blog by Giving […]

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