A Military Wife: Sarah Ruth Today

sarah ruth today

You won’t find a more supportive military wife than Sarah at Sarah Ruth Today! She held down the fort while her husband served in Afghanistan and continues to roll with the ups and downs that come with military life. Read more about how she copes and how blogging has helped her. What inspired you to […]

How to Make Earrings: Easy, Pretty & Cheap!

homemade jewelry

I found an amazing bead shop this last week… and what did my little eyes spy on the back wall by the cash register? Flower Cabochons! I’ve been looking for these, forever! I think I squealed and scared the shop owner. I grabbed my sister’s arm and dragged her over. I loaded my fists full […]

Mimi Marie Design: Custom Party and Event Designs!

Mimi Marie Designs

Let’s give Mindy of Mimi Marie Design our warmest SITS welcome.  Mindy is a graphic designer, crafter and part-time preschool teacher.  At Mimi Marie Design you’ll find  custom party design, custom pet tags and custom wood signs and frames.  She also makes all sorts of bottle cap crafts that you’ll LOVE! How did your blog emerge? My […]

Completely Eclipsed

Completely Eclipsed

Please welcome Melissa, ” a 20 something year old wife, teacher, and brand new mom” to SITS today.  She writes at Completely Eclipsed and has some of the best shopping advice I’ve heard!  Melissa takes a realistic view on life while balancing family life, friendships, and work. She’s completely adorable. Tell us about your blog. My […]

Five Free Tools to Monitor your Site

Dashboard - Google Analytics

Website statistics offer the unique opportunity to track exactly how others are finding and interacting with the content you produce. Without them, you’re flying blind as a blogger or relying solely on direct feedback. While direct feedback can be valuable, it also represents a small portion of your readers. Monitor your site with an analytics […]

Vote For Our Next Bloggy Boot Camp Speaker!

social media for women

In honor of our Birthday Bash, we opened up our doors to speaker proposals for both our Denver stop on September 17 and our Atlanta stop on October 22. If you’ve ever been interested in becoming a speaker at a blog conference, this was your big chance! We asked our community to send us a […]

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