Interview with Rose Cooper and a Giveaway!

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Last week we had the opportunity to interview Children’s Writer and self taught artist Rose Cooper in the Random House Read and Play BlogFrog Community. It was amazing to be able to sit down and ask a published author about the writing and publishing process and as always, it was equally exciting to speak with […]

Blog Critique eBook & Other Exciting Education News

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Summer is a funny time for blogging. Everyone is busy with kids, vacations, and spending time outside. But as we look at turning the page on the calendar again, it’s high time we all got back to blogging and started connecting again. That’s right. Dust off your keyboard, find your mouse, and let’s do what […]

OK Dani-Love, Life, Laughter, Hair!

Dani is a New York Native Living/Working/Playing in Manhattan.  She writes at OK, Dani, a blog about Life, Love, Laughter, and Hair, and, she’s cute as a button.  Let’s give Dani a warm SITS welcome! Tell us about your blog and what we can expect when visiting: First off. HI SITStahs!! SO glad to “meet” you!! […]

How to Find Your Passion and Take It to Market

how to find your passion

The discussion last week about monetizing was amazing. It’s awesome to see how open bloggers are to monetizing. Not too long ago monetizing was heresy. It’s great to see that tide has turned because, let’s face it, we all have bills to pay. If you’re standing on the “not making any money yet” side of […]

Zero to Sixty and Beyond

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Barbara from Zero to Sixty and Beyond has a tagline that says it all…you’re going to read about “the good, the bad, the ugly” with a dash of sense of humor and a positive attitude! How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start? I’ve been blogging now for 18 months. It […]

How To Write A Blog Post In 15 Minutes Or Less

Learn how to write a blog post in 15 minutes.

I recently polled a number of women in my community on what they thought the most difficult aspect of blogging is. In my head, I was thinking the responses might focus on how to increase your readership, reader engagement, finding relevant photos, or struggling with knowing where to draw the line in terms of information […]

Oneika the Traveller

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Nikita from Oneika The Traveller has seen more sites in the last five years than most of us see in a lifetime! Join her on journeys and live vicariously through her travels with me! How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start? It seems like I have been blogging since the […]

Meal Planning In Only 15 Minutes Each Week

Learn how to meal plan in 15 minutes a week

I’m a planner. I’ve never been a spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl. I would say I try to control plan every aspect of my life.  Call me crazy, but it keeps me sane! This applies to meal planning too. Each week, I make a “menu” for the week. Basically, I write down on a piece of […]

The Bowden Brigade

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Ashley from The Bowden Brigade is a doting mother and wife who fills her life with family activities, travel, and so much more. How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start? I started our family blog, The Bowden Brigade, as a way to document our adventures as a military family. Our […]