Meal Planning In Only 15 Minutes Each Week

Learn how to meal plan in 15 minutes a week

I’m a planner. I’ve never been a spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl. I would say I try to control plan every aspect of my life.  Call me crazy, but it keeps me sane! This applies to meal planning too. Each week, I make a “menu” for the week. Basically, I write down on a piece of […]

The Bowden Brigade

the bowden brigade feat

Ashley from The Bowden Brigade is a doting mother and wife who fills her life with family activities, travel, and so much more. How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start? I started our family blog, The Bowden Brigade, as a way to document our adventures as a military family. Our […]

Problogger’s Guide to Your First Week of Blogging


We’re back! And ready to jump into another book from Problogger. This time around, we’re changing up our programming and focusing on something new. Rather than working through Problogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog this quarter, we’re diving into his First Week of Blogging book. It is a great resource that covers the […]

Tales of a Perfectly Imperfect Momma

Meet Jessica, the Perfectly Imperfect Momma.   She says, “I am the funniest SAHM in MD. Shh….its not polite to disagree with me.”  Let’s all go tell her that she’s funny, and while we are there, congratulate her on the recent birth of her daughter! Tell us about your blog. What can we expect when visiting? […]

Photo Contest: Show Us Your Summer Vacation

photos contest

Summer is coming to a close. It is about the time to send the kids back to school, put away the beach towels, and say goodbye to the big, floppy hats. But before we officially say goodbye to the long days of summer, we thought we would celebrate the season with a photo contest! And […]

Monetize! What’s OK For Blogging?

make money online

In our Women on the Move channel, we’ve been discussing strategies to monetize your blog.  Natalie started the monetize discussion by explaining the ways to make money blogging.  Are you using your blog to simply make money or are you using it to further a blog based business?  There is a difference, and you should […]

Decoy Betty: Once Tried, Always Preferred

Decoy Betty is a blog I have a feeling you are going to LOVE.  Decoy Betty is about the writing and the living, (quite possibly including eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream).  Let’s give Diedre, the author of Decoy Betty a huge and warm SITS welcome! Love the title of your blog.  How’d you come […]

The Mama Mary Show

mama mary show feat

Mary from The Mama Mary Show is a one woman act designed to make you laugh and maybe sometimes cry a little. Mary is a humor blogger who will make you feel like you’re right at home talking to the sister you never had…often bringing her posts to life via video blogging. How long have […]

How to Find a Niche You Can Love and Serve

niche market

Niches have amazing super powers that can open doors for growing your blog. The trick is to finding a niche that you can love and serve. Once you do, you’ll quickly see that working within a niche will help you to eliminate competition, build a committed readership, and move your blog forward. Finding Your Niche […]

Stilettos & Scrubs

stilettos and scrubs

Marci from Stilettos and Scrubs somehow manages both her passion is a mother and nurse who is constantly on the go. She proves you can do the stilettos and the scrubs and still at the end of the day be the mother you want to be. What inspired the title of your blog? My love […]

Sugar Bowl Mix

sugar bowl mix feat

Whether it’s chocolate cakes, little girls, or creating memorable blog posts, Anne from Sugar Bowl Mix is always cooking up something amazing! What inspired the title of your blog? When the katydids sang in the summer my grandmother used to say a little diddy: Katie did, Katie didn’t, Katie broke the sugar bowl, said she […]

#SITSBooks Book Club Books for 2011

books to read

We are SO excited about the interest in the SITS book club. The response has been tremendous and the tweets are flying quickly on book club nights. Having the authors participate in our book club Twitter parties has also been spectacular. Many of you have asked what our book club schedule will be for the […]

How to Start a Meme and Other Blog Meme Ideas

blog meme

Like most bloggers, when I first started out, there was one question that completely eluded me: What is a meme?  And once I figured that out, I wanted to know how to start a meme.  Lucky for our SITStahs, Shell from Things I Can’t Say is here today talking all about blog meme ideas and […]

Jeanne Winters: Inspiring Ideas For Your Life!

I always love blogs that contain “eye candy” in the form of inspiring ideas, and Jeanne Winters: Inspiring Ideas for Your Home, Your Celebrations, Your Life is no exception!  It’s my special pleasure to introduce Jeanne Winters to you. Jeanne Winters is a wife, mother of two, artist, designer, and author of Inspirational Home: simple ideas […]

With Just a Bit of Magic: Motherhood and Work

Isn’t Jackie’s tag line the truth?  With Just a Bit of Magic is a blog about balancing motherhood, marriage and work.  Please join me in giving Jackie a warm SITS welcome! How long have you been blogging and why did you start? I started blogging in May of 2010 and it was something that I […]

BlogHer 2011: A Quick Rundown

blogher 2011

Last week, the girls and I traveled down to San Diego for BlogHer. It was an insanely crazy week, but something we are were glad to have been a part of. Connecting with members of the online community and having that, “OMG, it’s really you moment” simply can’t be beat. Here is a quick recap […]

How to Make Money From Blogging Series

make money from blogging

Natalie’s segment on women in business/mom-preneurers and how to make money on-line officially kicks off today. To get us started, she is explaining the difference between a blog based business and a blog that makes money. It is an important differentiation that lays the foundation for our discussion on how to make money online. Making […]