Irresistible Icing

Irresistible Icing

Welcome to the week ladies! We hope you enjoyed a fabulous weekend.  If you haven’t been around in a while- read this. Now on today’s Featured Blogger, Mimi. So, while we sent Mimi her SITS Day info, at the time we wrote this, we hadn’t heard back, but she has our button and does roll […]

How to Travel With Kids & See The World

how to travel with kids

Please join me in welcoming Marcy from (Don’t Be) Too Timid and Squeamish.  Marcy is giving her advice on how to travel with kids. Actually strike that. Her post is entitled, How to Travel the World with your Children (And, No, Epcot is Not the Real World). Sadly, I could not fit all of this […]

Child Fever: What You Need to Know & How To Treat

child with fever

It’s late in the day. Soccer practice is in an hour, then dance lessons after that.  Hubby has a late meeting. The dinning room table is covered with laundry and dinner will not make itself, no matter how much you will it to. The last thing that you have time for is a sick kid, […]

Get Paid Blogging…In Your Own Backyard

get paid blogging

Do you ever have something on your blogging to do list that looms on there forever and, despite your best intentions, just never seems to happen? That has certainly been the case with our Brand-Blogger Match Up program. Tiffany and I have been discussing it literally for weeks and only yesterday did I finally manage […]

All Things Fadra!

mom blogger zombies

First week of the new featured blogger format was AWESOME- great work ladies! Now this is exciting. I happen to have met Fadra TWICE at Bloggy Boot Camps and LOVE her to pieces. She is smart, funny and a blogging rockstar! Here’s what she’s got to say: “I live, I laugh, I write about it. […]

Anybody Want a Peanut?

Anybody Want a Peanut?

You ladies have got this new format down!  We love seeing the Featured Blogger getting a ton of comments on HER blog! Today, we’ve got Jennifer of “Anybody Want a Peanut?” Here’s what Jennifer has to say: Hello! I’m Jennie, and I have a blog called Anybody Want A Peanut? where I write about life with […]

What To Cook For Breakfast

what to cook for breakfast

Need something quick, easy, AND kid-friendly for breakfast? Then check out the Sunrise Breakfast Bowl from Tony Spilsbury below. It’s certified family fun! Did someone say the words, easy and breakfast? It’s true.  My Sunrise Breakfast Bowl recipe requires only one muffin pan. There are no spoons, bowls, spatulas or skillets to clean, which makes this […]

Making it Work Mom

Cute Family Picture

Wow ladies- you really stepped it up yesterday with the new feature blogger format.  SITS is at its best when the featured blogger get lots of love on HER site! Today’s Featured Blogger, Heather, of Making it Work Mom says this about her piece of the blogosphere: I am a full time working mother to […]

Inspired and Finding Balance

bloggy boot camp

I don’t know if women are hard wired to simply agree to take on every pressing matter that comes our way, but it seems like a majority of us struggle at finding balance with our responsibilities. Is it even possible? We have kids and homes to care for, jobs to contribute to, finances to manage, […]

The Ramblings: Humor in the Humdrum

Toddler bike

Today we’re kicking off our new featured blogger format!  {If you missed yesterday’s post, it’s here.} Remember, to Roll Call, simply leave a comment below saying “Here!” or “Howdy” or a little something about your blog. Then click one of the Featured Blogger’s links in this post and go leave a wonderfully juicy comment or […]

Something New: Featured Blogger Announcement

featured blogger

When we re-launched The SITS Girls back in February, we thought it was high time to overhaul the face of the featured blogger posts. We started adding more images, gave you more content, and made the posts more like an interview. And in the end, that new strategy worked great…for us. It seems that y’all […]

How to Write an Email Newsletter that Gets Noticed


A few weeks ago, I introduced the idea of adding an email newsletter to your blog. Email newsletters are an amazing tool that allow you to build a deeper bond with your readers. Plus, it gives you direct communication with them. If (heaven forbid) something terrible happens to your Facebook account or blog, an email […]

How to Survive Your Toddler’s Temper Tantrums

how to survive your toddler's temper tantrums.

Ever been at your wit’s end, completely unsure what to do about your toddler’s temper tantrums? Of course you have. And so has every other mother on the planet. Please join me in welcoming Jeanette from to The SITS Girls today. She’s giving a step-by-step overview of how to survive your 2 year old’s […]

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