5 Ways To Prevent Blog Burnout

Blogging burn out is very real. Learn how to stop it before it begins, so your writing doesn't suffer.

Has blog burnout ever reared its ugly head in your world? There have been days when I’ve sat down to write only to realize that I don’t want to blog anymore; my finger floats menacingly over the delete button, but I never follow through.  I love blogging.  Nearly three years into blogging, I love writing, […]

Mothering Moments


Happy Monday! Today, our Featured Blogger is Stacey from Stacey’s Mothering Moments. Stacey is a fan of big families…. I have 7 children. Yes, you read that right. Let’s get a couple of things out of the way, Yes they are all mine and yes we know what causes it. And if you think I […]

The Mess that is My Life.

Bill at Disneyland-1

Today’s featured blogger, Robin, writes deep, honest and thoughtful posts. While her blog discusses her struggles with depression, I love her sense of humor, sending us a photo of her husband at the happiest place on earth…  She’s been married to this guy for 21 years. Meet Robin of “The Mess that is My Life” […]

Cold vs. Flu: Telling The Difference

Ugh. You can feel it coming on. You are tired. Your body hurts and there is a small tickle in your throat. You are sick. But what are you sick with? Is it a cold or the flu and how can you tell? I spoke with a physician colleague of mine and here is what […]

Halloween Crafts: A BOO-Tiful Door Hanger For You

halloween craft

Evonne from Jules Out Loud is helping us to dive into Halloween today. She sent over a craft tutorial on how to make a Halloween Door Hanger. When it comes to Halloween craft ideas, this is one that you just can’t miss! BOO-tiful Door Hanger Materials: Wood letters – I used 6 inch letters 3 […]

Life in a Pink Fibro

fabric-lined boots

Today’s featured blogger is Allison of Life in a Pink Fibro. Allison describes herself as: I’m a writer, a mother, a Mrs. I used to live in The Big Smoke, but I moved back to my hometown with The Builder and my two boys (Mr7 and Mr4) about three years ago. I write about writing, […]

Blog Format Counts! Learn How To Get It Right

how to format a blog

Annabel Candy is back again today to highlight her book, Successful Blogging in 12 Simple Steps, and help us to focus on how format your blog. Formatting your blog properly is critical to ensuring that your readers want to return again and again. Read on for a great exercise that will ensure your blog format […]