Five Simple Changes That Will Lead To A Happier Day


With the stresses of today’s fast paced society it’s easy to get bogged down in responsibility. Whether it’s getting the kids off to school, tossing in that first load of laundry, typing up and submitting that article that’s due tomorrow, or trying to beat the morning rush to the office, you’re bound to find yourself […]

Stop The Summer Slump Day 1: Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


The moment you’ve been waiting for is here! As we mentioned last week, we’re kicking off our Stop The Summer Slump Blogging Challenge here on The SITS Girls. We hope to challenge your creativity and help you find your blogging groove before summer gets started. Stop The Summer Slump Everyone I know is already struggling […]

Women You Should Be Following On Instagram


Instagram is one of my favorite methods of social media. In fact, I recently did some clean-up because I felt that I was no longer seeing the people I wanted to see. I found myself overloaded with random follow-for-follow accounts that I crossed paths with in Facebook groups or something like that. And although that […]

The 10 Best Books By Bloggers Just Like You

The only thing better than your favorite blogger publishing a new blog post is when they are published in an actual book. Check out the 10 best books by bloggers. You don't want to miss any of these great book recommendations!

Looking to support your fellow blogger in a way you’ll benefit from, as well? I’ve got the perfect idea for you! Many bloggers are also published authors, and in doing so, they’ve also done loads for other bloggers and writers, as well. You know I’m always ready to share the best books to read. So […]

Your Small Stories Are Important

Every story from your life is important, and no story is too small | Blogging Inspiration

Many people in the blogosphere have dreams of success – ideas of financial compensation, recognition, a book deal! – things like these that make us strive. Help us aim higher. Shoot for the brass ring. Incredible goals. The ones we don’t like to say out loud, for fear of jinxing them, or maybe worse, looking […]

8 Places to Submit Your Writing

Great list of places to submit your writing and get more exposure for your blog.

Do you have the dream of seeing your words somewhere besides your own space? Many sites will accept submissions from you – even ones that have been posted on your own site already. Some places pay for content, some pay with exposure. It’s really all about what goals you have set for yourself. If you […]

Good Books By Male Authors You Need to be Reading

Check out seven books we want to read this year!

After writing my post about the 12 Good Books You Must Read in 2015, I had a commenter ask me if I do not read books by male authors. I noticed shortly after the post was published that all of my picks were by women. I decided to do some digging, so I could write a […]

10 Random Acts of Kindness

10 ideas for random acts of kindness you can offer to those around you. Most cost little or no money.

There are so many ‘Pay It Forward’ missions out there these days. In discussing them you’ll come across a variety of opinions. Paying it forward with the expectation that someone else will pay it forward immediately after you? Is that really a random act of kindness? Or is it really hopes of setting off a chain […]