Your Small Stories Are Important

Every story from your life is important, and no story is too small | Blogging Inspiration

Many people in the blogosphere have dreams of success – ideas of financial compensation, recognition, a book deal! – things like these that make us strive. Help us aim higher. Shoot for the brass ring. Incredible goals. The ones we don’t like to say out loud, for fear of jinxing them, or maybe worse, looking […]

8 Places to Submit Your Writing

Great list of places to submit your writing and get more exposure for your blog.

Do you have the dream of seeing your words somewhere besides your own space? Many sites will accept submissions from you – even ones that have been posted on your own site already. Some places pay for content, some pay with exposure. It’s really all about what goals you have set for yourself. If you […]

Good Books By Male Authors You Need to be Reading

Check out seven books we want to read this year!

After writing my post about the 12 Good Books You Must Read in 2015, I had a commenter ask me if I do not read books by male authors. I noticed shortly after the post was published that all of my picks were by women. I decided to do some digging, so I could write a […]

10 Random Acts of Kindness

10 ideas for random acts of kindness you can offer to those around you. Most cost little or no money.

There are so many ‘Pay It Forward’ missions out there these days. In discussing them you’ll come across a variety of opinions. Paying it forward with the expectation that someone else will pay it forward immediately after you? Is that really a random act of kindness? Or is it really hopes of setting off a chain […]

12 Recipes For The Big Game


Loads of people are gearing up to watch the big game next weekend, and there’s little enjoyed more while watching than some delicious easy-to-eat appetizers. Game day food is serious business. Fortunately, there are some amazing recipes out there to share – so stay with me and get ready to take your taste buds by storm! Game […]

12 Good Books You Must Read in 2015!

Get ready for a great year of reading - we have one book for you to read in each month of 2015.

I love reading. Pretty much any time I can squeeze in with a good book is time I’ll do so – happily. So when the opportunity came up for me to write a list of good books you absolutely must read in 2015, I jumped at it. I love finding the best books to read. Because […]

Sharing Holiday Traditions


Traditions are a part of every family. Whether you recognize them or not, I’m going to guess that you’re like me and you find yourself doing the same sorts of things year after year. From birthday celebrations to holiday festivities, traditions are a part of who we are. They make our family and celebrations “whole” […]

Recipes and Crafts For Christmas, Chanukah, And Kwanzaa

Winter Holiday craft and recipe ideas

The winter holidays are rapidly approaching and we’re in search of amazing recipes for our special meals. We’ve collected some of our favorite recipe and craft ideas for Christmas, Chanukah, and Kwanzaa to help you get inspired right along with us. Recipes And Crafts For The Winter Holidays Looking for a recipe for Christmas morning […]

Why I Write: Sharing Personal Stories On My Blog

Sharing Personal Stories On Your Blog

There are so many stories these days about how people are getting in trouble for how they use social media and their personal blogs. So many individuals are turning away from the release of real writing and turning towards surface posts. Anonymous blogs. Guest posts with no real name or signature. And while I understand […]

6 Reasons I Am Thankful For Blogging

Top 6 Reasons To Be Thankful For Blogging

Blogging has been a real blessing in my life. There are so many reasons I’m thankful for blogging, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving I’d like to share some of them with you today. Top 6 Reasons To Be Thankful For Blogging 1. Information It’s true that the Internet is amazing. We have all sorts […]

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes And Crafts


Thanksgiving is only a short way away, and I’m so excited for the amazing and delicious food. It doesn’t matter if you go out to eat, visit with family and friends, or stay at home, there are certain staples you’re always going to want to include in your Thanksgiving Day dinner. I’ve got a handful […]

Blogging Has Empowered Me As A Mom

Blogging Empowers Moms

I started blogging back in 2009. My daughter was just two years old. Blogging was a way for me to connect with the world outside my four walls, so to speak. It was especially critical to me as a new mom. My blog brought me closer to women experiencing things similar to those I experienced […]

8 Things You Should Never Say to a Blogger

never say to a blogger

As bloggers we all know what it’s like to have a friend look at us with a blank stare when we tell them that we blog. Then we automatically launch into explaining what we mean, giving them small details, backing up from the initial excitement we had about sharing this to begin with. It’s been […]

What To Pack For A Blog Conference


One of the most exciting adventures you can get into in the world of blogging is to take the opportunity to meet your online friends in real life. The best place to do something like that is to head to a blog conference. They’re loads of fun, extremely informative and just an all-around incredible experience. […]

Sharing Is Powerful: Why Supporting Other Bloggers Is Good For You

social media sharing and support

One of the most powerful tools in finding your community through blogging comes from an unexpected place. We work hard on our posts, we engage with our readers, we try really hard to be seen. Self-promotion is a tremendous effort in the world of a blogger looking to be recognized. We schedule posts and tweets. […]

BBC Monday: Let’s Talk Blog Conferences!

packing list essentials

So, you’re all registered for the next blog conference. You’ve got your ticket, your calendar is blocked off, you’re practically ready! Except for several important things. What are you going to take with you? Read on to get the insider tips and essentials for when traveling to your next blog conference. And be sure to […]

Forum Roundup: June 7


It’s that time again! Time for this week’s Forum Roundup. Have you tried to connect with brands and have no idea where to begin? Do you feel your numbers aren’t up to par yet? Jump on in and discuss what you can do to show your strengths and how to connect despite what you describe […]

Forum Round-Up: May 31


It’s time for this week’s Forum Roundup! Have you stopped by the forum to chat with your fellow bloggers this week? I have … and there’s been a lot to talk about. There’s an awesome discussion just underway about how to network when you don’t have a “niche” for your blog.  This is so perfect for […]

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