How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Blog

facebook fan page

Creating a Facebook fan page for your blog is one of the first steps to connecting with your readers on social media. With just a few quick clicks you’ll be well on your way to sharing blog posts, great projects, and funny memes with your audience on a daily basis. This blogger guides you thorough the […]

How I Plan My Blog Posts + A Printable Worksheet

plan my blog posts

You might find yourself wondering, “Is it really possible to plan my blog posts?” It IS possible and this blogger shares some great ideas for formulating a plan. With a free printable at hand, get ready to get planning and get organized! How I Plan My Blog Posts + A Printable Worksheet I love to […]

How to Add an Instagram Photo Widget to your Blog

instagram photo widget

An Instagram photo widget is all that stands between your fabulous Instagram photos and your blog audience. What is a photo widget? This blogger will explain what it is, how to add one to your blog, and get you sharing your Instagram feed in just a few minutes! How to Add an Instagram Photo Widget […]

7 Things Preventing You From Becoming a Better Blogger

better blogger

What’s preventing you from becoming a better blogger? Whether you’re feeling like page views are dwindling or new readers have not stopped by in a while, there are all sorts of things that can get in the way. This blogger shares 7 things to look out for that are preventing you from becoming great blogger. 7 […]

10 Ways To Promote Blog Posts

promote your blog post

It’s not enough to write great blog posts- you also have to promote blog posts. With the help of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter and some other fabulous hints, you’ll be a self-promotion machine in no time, getting the word out to your regular readers and new readers alike. Read along to find out this […]

My Top Pinterest Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

pinterest tips

Pinterest tips can be really helpful whether you’re just getting started or brand new and unsure of what it is, how it works, and what it can do for you. From recycling your own content, to the best types of images to pin, or even the most helpful analytical tools, this blogger has got you covered! […]

3 Fail-Proof Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

instagram followers

If you want to increase your Instagram followers, there are definitely some tried and true methods. One of the easiest ways to figure out what works is to look towards successful Instagrammers and their methods. You’ll probably find they’re doing a lot of the same things. This blogger is one step ahead! Here are 3 […]

How to Add a Clickable Button to Your Blog Post

add a clickable button

Being able to add a clickable button to your blog posts is a must and creating unique buttons will give your pages that personal touch. You can create all types of buttons by following a few simple steps. This blogger shares a step-by-step for creating fabulous clickable buttons. How to Add a Clickable Button to Your […]