Why I Stopped Promoting My Blog


When it comes to promoting your blog, there are hundreds of avenues to explore. Your promotional journey can sometimes lead you down a dead-end path – you’ve invested a lot of your time with little to no result. This blogger shares a bit about her promotional journey, what worked for her, and what didn’t. Why […]

How to Add a Signature to Your Blog Posts


A signature is a quick and simple addition to your blog. You’ve probably seen some of your favorite bloggers sign off their posts their hand-written name- it’s a great personal touch. This blogger shares how easy it is to add your John Hancock to your posts! How to Add a Signature to Your Blog Posts […]

What are HTML and CSS?

html and css

What are HTML and CSS? Most blogging platforms do not require you to have any experience with HTML or CSS, but a little bit of knowledge can go a long way. This blogger has the lowdown on HTML and CSS and will tell you all about them in this post! What are HTML and CSS? […]

5 Key Elements for Your Sidebar


Your sidebar is one of the most important parts of your blog’s layout.  It is a great and effective way to draw your readers’ attention to specific posts- but there’s some important elements to include. This blogger shares the 5 key elements not to forget!   5 Key Elements for Your Sidebar The sidebar is one […]

Improve Your Blog Photos with Props you Already Own!

blog photos

Your blog photos are one of the first things a reader notices when paying your blog a visit. Those photos need to be not only expressive of your blog’s “personality” but also, they need to be visually appealing. You might be surprised, but there are tons of great props around your home right now and […]