How To Add a MailChimp Subscribe Box to Your Sidebar


A personalized subscribe box is more likely to be noticed and used by your readers. This tutorial will help you create a MailChimp subscribe box, and add it to your blog’s sidebar. How To Add a MailChimp Subscribe Box to Your Sidebar If you use MailChimp, there’s an easy way to install a personalized sign up […]

Tips for Starting a Blogging Calendar

blog calendar tips

A blogging calendar can help you stay organized. It is also a great way to plan ahead, so you aren’t left trying to think of something to write about last minute. Tips For Starting A Blogging Calendar One of the hardest things for a blogger just starting out is keeping a regular posting schedule. Believe […]

How to Use Hashtags Effectively


Using hashtags on social media can help to get your posts shown to a wider audience. This is great, but you have to find the balance between not enough and too many hashtags, and only use the best hashtags. How To Choose The Best Hashtag Hashtags are a great way for people to stumble onto your […]

10 Ways to Stand Out

create content that stands out

There are thousands of bloggers creating new content each day, and you are one of them. The trick is learning how to create content that will stand out and get noticed. These questions and ideas will help you to do just that. 10 Ways To Create Content That Will Stand Out This list is not necessarily […]

Image Mapping Made Easy

how to make an image map

Do you struggle to get clickable pictures to line up exactly how you want them to on your sidebar? You need to learn how to make an image map. It will help you to add clickable links exactly where you want them on any image. How To Make An Image Map Image Mapping is the process […]

6 Easy WordPress Security Tips

Wordpress Security Tips

One of the scariest words for a blogger is “hacker.” We have all heard the stories of bloggers who lost everything when someone was able to break into their blog. There are steps you can take to heighten your WordPress security before someone tries to hack into your blog. WordPress Security Tips Imagine waking up […]

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