Almond Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies

Chocolate almond pinwheel cookies are fun and delicious.

Today I’m going to share my recipe for almond chocolate pinwheel cookies with sprinkles. They are fun, festive, and most importantly, delicious! While they take a bit of time to make, most of that is time the dough is chilling in the fridge. Almond Chocolate Pinwheel Cookies With Sprinkles To make these cookies, you’ll need […]

Easy St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt DIY

Super easy tutorial for a fun St. Patrick's Day t-shirt DIY.

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to pull out your best green outfits and your pots o’ gold! This easy St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt makes a great party craft, and is fabulous for kids of all ages! Easy St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirt DIY For this project you’ll need: t-shirt green fabric […]

10 Food-Free Printable Valentines

Perfect for last minute valentines, or for parties where you need food-free valentines. Free printables.

When did Valentine’s Day turn into a second Halloween? I remember bringing home an empty tissue mailbox filled with Valentine’s cards and the occasional heart-shaped lollipop or box of conversation hearts. But these days? It is totally different. My son came home from school last year with a paper sack FULL of candy. Thankfully, this […]

Peek-A-Boo Ribbon Valentine

I love this sweet Peek-A-Boo Ribbon Valentine's Day card. This would be fun a fun project to do with kids.

I love adding a personal touch whenever I can. These days, time seems to be the key as to whether or not I “can.” This Peek-A-Boo Ribbon Homemade Valentine card is just the sweet little ticket. You can put it together in about 30 minutes, and you probably have most, if not all, of the supplies […]

DIY Coconut Vanilla Lip Balm

coconut oil lip balm

Have you ever put on lip balm only to have your lips end up feeling drier? Some balms contain ingredients that can actually dry your skin, making you feel the need to apply more, thus starting a terrible cycle. This homemade lip balm contains only natural ingredients and will provide protection against the elements while […]

DIY Coconut Oil Salt Scrub With Rosemary And Mint


It’s amazing how many self-care products you can make or replace with coconut oil. I figure, with all of the health benefits it has to offer, why not use it wherever I can, right? You can make deodorant, diaper cream, vapor rub, shaving cream, cuticle ointment, toothpaste…I mean, the list goes on and on. You […]

Oil Pulling (Yes You Should!)


If you’re not already on the coconut oil bandwagon, you should be! It has so many uses around the house. There’s the obvious ones like replacing any vegetable oils in recipes, stir-frying, melting on popcorn, or spreading on toast. Beyond that, some people swear by it’s health benefits. One use I was really curious about […]

The Perfect DIY Gift: Handmade Soap

DIY Handmade Soap

Melt-and-pour soap is easy to make, the kids can help, and it makes a great present on it’s own or in a gift basket of self-care items. I think my son’s teacher might be getting a basket along those lines this year! Handmade Soap In order to do this project, you’ll need to purchase a […]

DIY Gift Bags

DIY Gift Bags

For some it’s a chore, but I’ve always loved wrapping gifts. Well, let me rephrase that. I love wrapping gifts that are easy to wrap. Boxes, books, CDs, board games…I could wrap for days! But those pesky, oddly shaped gifts always pose a challenge. As far as I know, there are two solutions (besides a […]

DIY Decorated Bobby Pins: Great Last-Minute Gift Idea

DIY Decorated Bobby Pins

It’s time to start getting those gifts together, making sure you haven’t forgotten anyone on your list. Here’s a little DIY gift that’s quick, easy, and inexpensive- decorated bobby pins! DIY Decorated Bobby Pins You’ll need to get your supplies together first. You’ll need bobby pins, hot glue gun/glue, nail polish, pencil, scissors, and birch […]

DIY Envelope Embossing

DIY Envelope Embossing

I love anything fancy and the holiday season is the perfect time to bust fancy out! Embossing is a SUPER easy way to make almost any paper goods fancy. My favorites are thank you notes, gift tags, and the back of my holiday envelopes. DIY Embossing Embossing powder is available at your local craft store […]

DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath

Now that Thanksgiving is all wrapped up, I can officially say Merry Christmas! What better way to greet everyone that visits your home this season than a beautiful, festive and handmade Christmas wreath. First thing’s first, gather your supplies. You’ll need some wire (floral wire is ideal, but any sturdy but bendable wire will work in […]

Christmas Countdown Printable

Christmas Countdown Printable

“Are we there yet?” It is the question asked by all children on long car rides over and over again until the destination has been reached. On the long car rides of my youth, my parents would always let us know how close our destination was by telling us how many “pieces of pie” were […]

DIY Holiday Stamp


Making a stamp is a great and easy way to add a little flair this holiday season. It sounds a little daunting, but it can actually be pretty quick and easy. Make Your Own Holiday Stamp You’ll need paper, pencil, a white polymer eraser, and a linoleum cutter. Linoleum cutters can be purchased online or […]

How To Make a Small Zippered Pouch {Make a Pouch}

make a pouch

Want to make a pouch and organize all those small knick-knacks you have floating around the bottom of your purse? Now you can! This DIY is easy to follow and will have friends and family asking, “where DID you get that pouch?” in no time flat. How To Make a Pouch I am not a […]

Crayon DIY And Other Indoor Activities for Kids

crayon diy

Now that winter is upon us, it is good to have indoor activities for kids at the ready for days when you cannot go outside.  This crayon DIY is perfect for little hands and leads to hours of creative fun once done. Crayon DIY I have always wanted to make my own crayons but just […]

DIY Earring Project: Inexpensive, Easy, and Beautiful


Do you need a beautiful-but-easy gift for a friend (if my sister is reading this, ACT SURPRISED!) or how about a last-minute accessory for a special outfit? I’ve got a quick, inexpensive pair of DIY earrings that are sure to hit the mark. How to Make DIY Earrings Growing up, our local mall had a […]

Craft Bows: Make Your Gift Giving Beautiful at Christmas

craft bows

Are you ready to make absolutely stunning craft bows? Christmas brings out the crafter in all of us. Now you can make your gift giving even more beautiful with this touch of handmade. Making Your Own Craft Bows for Christmas Crafting is one of my favorite things about the holiday season. You can make decorations […]

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