Everything You Need To Know About Links For Your Blog

An overview of the different kinds of links you can share in your blog, and some of the ways to links to drive more pageviews and build authority in your niche.

Content is king. Along with the great words you write, knowing how to strategically use links in your posts, and what kind of links to use, is super important. I’m going to give you an overview of the different kinds of links for our blogging tips and tutorials series, and share with you some of the […]

How To Start and Maintain A Regular Link Up On Your Blog

start a blog link-up

Have you been thinking about starting a link up on your blog? Bloggers love having the opportunity to share their posts. Before you start a blog link up, you need to have plans in place to make it successful from the beginning. If run correctly, link ups are a great way to build a community around […]

7 Ways to Be Happy By Making Someone Else’s Day

ways to be happy

When it comes to ways to be happy, the path to achieving that inner and outer glow may actually start making someone else feel good. Sound crazy? Maybe. Or perhaps figuring out ways to get happy starts by looking outside of yourself. We will never know all that is going on in someone’s life. It […]

Summer Bucket List: How to Make One For Your Family


Summer is quickly approaching and your family will be looking for things to do. Now is the time to sit down and make a summer bucket list. There are dozens of summer bucket lists that you can print out and use with your family. Most contain fun activities, outings, and projects that children will enjoy. […]

Must Read Forum Discussions: May 3

the sits girls

I can’t believe April has ended and May has just begun. It will be fun to see what blooms in our yards after all the rain and snow we had this spring. New discussions have been blooming in the forum this week and old discussion had new insights added to them. Here are a few […]

Saturday Sharefest: Share Your Favorite Post Here!


This has been a week of ups and downs at my house and I think around the world. At my house we are dealing with the effects of spring allergies and I can’t even begin to list the challenges around the world. Why not end the week by  reading some fun posts that  will make […]

Saturday Sharefest: Share Your Favorite Post Here!

blogs on blogging

I have had Easter on the brain this week. We have been been preparing for Easter with cooking projects, crafts, and reading Easter themed books.  Someone at my house has even conducted a hunt to find any Easter basket items that might have been stashed out our house early by the Easter Bunny. Unfortunately some […]

#SITSSharefest: Connect With Bloggers & Link Up

blogs on blogging

This week it has been cold at my house. Our downstairs heating unit needed a new part that it was hard for our heating company to get its hands on until Wednesday.   For five days our first floor has been a little bit like the Arctic . We have been living upstairs most of […]

Share Your Best Post From This Week with #SITSSharefest


One of the things I like best about reading through the posts shared by SITS-tahs is that they are so diverse. It is such fun to find new recipes, great insights, exciting announcements, and so much more while reading through them. For me it  is like visiting a wonderful buffet filled with blog posts. This week […]

Saturday Sharefest- December 8th


As I read through this week’s posts, I read a number of wonderful holiday related posts. What an amazing collection of holiday pictures, recipes, crafts, reflections, and reality checks. Wait did I say reality checks? Yes, I did. Putt-Putt Runner wrote a wonderful post on holiday reality checks called What Do You Mean Its Not Thursday. […]