Victoria Secret Window

featured blogger victoria secret window

If you are looking for a little inspiration today, you are going to love our featured blogger, Victoria Secret Window. Victoria Secret Window is dedicated to the spirit of a WOMAN. What a woman maybe thinking, how she may be feeling, and what makes a woman feel SPECIAL. Victoria Secret Window offers a view of “how […]

Mama in the Now

mama in the now featured blogger

You are going to love today’s featured blogger, Mama in the Now, as she shares pieces of her life, thoughts on parenting, and strives to live every moment of life in the NOW. It is a great goal! Hejsa! I am a Danish American mama to four boys! I report live from the trenches of motherhood, […]

Embracing the Spectrum

featured blogger embracing the spectrum

Today’s featured blogger, Embracing the Spectrum, gives us a peek inside her world, and all of the love, joy, and hope she carries with her every day. I can’t promise rays of sunshine every day, but we’re a family and there’s plenty of love here. Living life on the spectrum with seven-year-old, Squeaker, and my three-year-old, […]

Ripped Jeans & Bifocals

ripped jeans and bifocals

Motherhood, adoption and midlife are the focus for today’s featured blogger, Ripped Jeans & Bifocals. And she has a pretty awesome blog title, too. I am a wife and mother living in sunny San Antonio. I write about motherhood, adoption and midlife, which are the themes behind my blog name: Ripped Jeans & Bifocals. I started […]

Two Teens And Their Mama

Two Teens And Their Mama

Get a look at what it is like to be the mom of teens with today’s featured blogger, Two Teens And Their Mama. Hi, I’m Lana! I’ve been a mom for 19 years, but my boys are growing up and things are changing. I blog about raising teenagers, getting older, and things I love, with a […]

The Nurse Teacher

nurse teacher

Today’s featured blogger, The Nurse Teacher, will give you insight into what it is like to be a nurse. Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a nurse? Here is an inside view to the vast world of being a nurse. This nurse started blogging as a school project, but soon discovered a great […]

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