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Apple Pie Tacos

Apple pie tacos! A new take on apple pie and tacos equals dessert perfection.

I decided to fry up some Apple Pie Tacos and boy were they delicious. The sweet and savory sugar and cinnamon mixed with the crunch of the tortillas and apples will have this melting in your mouth. This is the most perfect dessert dish for parties, events, holidays, or just a cozy night in with […]

DIY Window Flower Boxes For Spring

Get your house ready for spring by adding DIY window flower boxes to your house and pallet flower holders to your garden.

Spring is officially here! Which means, it’s time to get started on planning those flower beds. A flower bed or a window box is a beautiful way to brighten up your outdoor living space! It can add a lot of simple charm and color to your home. Today I’m going to show you how to […]

How To Make More Money With Your Affiliate Links

6 affiliate link tips to help you make more money.

After you sign up for an affiliate account with an online retailer, the first order of business is how and where to share your link so you can generate some referral income. I am fortunate to bring in a little income from my cloth diapering blog through affiliate sales, so here are a few things I’ve […]

Twitter Strategy: 10 Tips For Gaining Followers

These 10 Twitter tips will help you grow your followers and increase interaction on Twitter | Social Media Tips

It’s taken awhile for me to get used to Twitter, but I think I finally have a handle on it! Twitter can be complicated to understand and follow, but gaining followers on this social media profile is a must! The steps below are the Twitter strategy that I have come up with to help me […]

How To Make Time For Blogging

Are you having a hard time juggling your blogging schedule and your life schedule? These five tips will help you find the time you need to invest in your blog.

Working moms have a unique challenge – we need to balance the many hats we wear in our lives. This post is devoted to those of you that are having a hard time balancing your work life at home, along side the other hats you wear. I’ll be focusing in on how to make time […]

How To Make Silhouette Easter Eggs The Easy Way

We are LOVING this unique way to dye eggs! Silhouette Easter eggs are a great way to add an extra touch of spring to your table.

At our home, it just wouldn’t seem like Easter without dying eggs. It’s a fun tradition my husband, Mike, grew up with — and I have adopted — so it was natural that we pass it on to our son, Sam. Each year, we try different patterns and techniques that are age appropriate for Sam, […]

5 Things to Know Before Transferring From Blogger to WordPress

Knowing these five things will make your transfer from Blogger to Wordpress smooth.

There are so many cool features that WordPress offers that Blogger does not. I’m happy I decided to transfer from Blogger to WordPress. There are awesome plugins to make life easier, its so easy to customize your theme just the way your want it, better SEO capabilities, and I OWN my blog. That was something huge […]

5 Tips to Organize Email and Spring Clean Your Inbox

Organize your email with these five tips for spring cleaning your inbox.

March is here, making it the perfect time to think spring and how to organize email! It’s a different kind of cleaning – one that doesn’t even require a bucket! Let’s look at some easy ways to organize email and clean out your email inboxes. Mine can get more cluttered than my boys’ toyroom when they are on a […]

Best Blog Designs: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Online Space

From focusing your content to having a great blog design, these tips will help you get your blog noticed in the crowded online space.

Is your blog starting to look cluttered? Have you lost sight of your blogging goals? Are even your most loyal readers thinking of jumping ship because they’re confused about what your blog is really offering these days? Don’t worry, because most blogs become cluttered over time. It happens to all bloggers. An important key to successful […]

Marvel Universe LIVE! Is Coming To The Bay Area

Marvel Universe LIVE! featuring Thor

Marvel Fans ASSEMBLE! This is a sponsored post with some exciting news! The Marvel Universe is coming to the Bay Area and The SAP Center in San Jose is the ONLY place to witness this phenomenal gathering of Marvel heroes and villains! What exactly does that mean? Well, I’m glad you asked! Marvel Universe LIVE! Marvel […]

3 Tips To Help You Become An Organized Blogger

Learn how to be a more organized blogger with these three blogging tips.

Getting organized is a high priority on a lot of people’s minds. We organize our homes, our schedules, and our time, so why not organize our blogs? I use to go through periods of time where I wanted to refresh the look of my blog, and generally around that time, my posting suffered, because I was […]

How To Create GIFs Of Your Kids The Easy Way

Learn how to create awesome GIF images of your kids the easy way!

I am not even close to what I would call a photographer, but I have fallen in love with taking pictures of my family.  But my girls are ACT-IVE, I mean constantly on the move.  And getting great photos of my kids that capture their true essence is really difficult. I either get the cheesy […]

For The Love Of Reading: 10 Best Romance Books To Read In February

Our top pick for the best romance books to read in February. We love a reading challenge!

Do you feel love in the air? You might recognize its sweet scent as a tinge of chocolate mixed with the smell of leather and pages of old books. At least, that is how love smells in my world, for there are few things I love more than a really good book, especially when it comes to […]

You + Me And A Family Tree

Birch Log Vase Family Tree

Shut the front door. No, really. Shut it. You have nowhere to go except back to the couch. Grab your favorite snuggie, curl up and get cozy because I want to talk about love. Or rather, the day of love. It won’t be long before Valentine’s Day is among us and partners world wide are forced […]

The Top 5 SEO Tips For Blogger

If you are blogging on the blogger platform, here are the top 5 SEO tips for helping your blog to be found in search. All easy to do, even for beginning bloggers.

I could have titled this post “SEO Optimization 101” because this is an extremely basic tutorial on optimizing your Blogger blog content. Lucky for bloggers on Blogger/Blogspot, Google has made it super easy to manage your SEO settings within the Blogger dashboard. These five small SEO tips for Blogger will give you the most SEO bang […]

How To Turn Blog Posts Into An eBook

Learn how to turn your blog posts into an eBook. With tips to help you decide which posts to use, cover design hints, and formatting help, this is everything you need to know about self-publishing an eBook.

I distinctly remember being asked early in my blogging (circa 2010), if I was going to write a book. My response was to laugh, “Are you kidding? Blog post size is just my speed right now!” But blog post after blog post and… five years later, I found I’d created a significant body of work. Very […]

Recipe for Perfection

recipe for perfection

Today’s featured blogger is Recipe for Perfection. After spending some time on her site, you will be ready to bake (and eat) the perfect brownie. I cook, I bake, and sometimes I get quite silly. I search for perfect recipes in between episodes of Doctor Who and pans of brownies. Follow me as I crack eggs […]

It’s Not Me, It’s You


You will be inspired by today’s featured blogger, It’s Not Me, It’s You…and you will probably laugh a lot, too! To sum up Seriously quickly: “Not good at life, but funny, sometimes with commentary.” – Vonnegut Seriously is a freelance writer, blogger, military spouse and all around pain in the ass. She has a snarky sense […]

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