Gym. Craft. Laundry.

gym.craft.laundry featured blog

Celebrate the fun in motherhood with today’s featured blogger, Gym. Craft. Laundry. A Florida mom learning to balance life as a gym newb, crafting addict, and horrible housewife. I shamelessly use my blog to remind me to clean, finish my projects, and keep the laundry pile from overflowing. So far so good! Favorite Posts: How to […]

Laugh Out Loud Mommy

Laugh Out Loud Featured Blogger

Today’s featured blogger, Laugh Out Loud Mommy, writes to inspire, to connect, and to chronicle the adventure of raising four boys. You are going to love her! Hi, I’m Brittany! I am a twenty something (too close to thirty for comfort) wife, mother, daughter, and friend. My four boys keep me going and constantly on the […]

A Novel Quest

A Novel Quest Featured Blogger

Join the journey of today’s featured blogger, A Novel Quest, as she works toward becoming a full time blogger and writer. Hello everyone! My name is Monique and my blog (aka my better half) is A Novel Quest. It’s a personal documentation of my quest to become a full-time blogger and freelance writer. I share thoughts […]

Joy To My Heart

Joy To My Heart Featured Blogger

Today’s featured blogger, Joy To My Heart, has yummy food, fun crafts, and stories about family and life. Joy To My Heart is where I blog about the things I love ~ cooking, painting, decorating, entertaining and all sorts of projects. I’m an artist at heart and enjoy everything from paint parties for children to painting […]

JENerally Informed

JENerally Informed Featured Blogger

You are going to love laughing along with today’s featured blogger, JENerally Informed. Jen is a Queen Mom to 4, co-author of Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess and has been blogging for several years. She has a penchant for sometimes botching and sometimes TOTALLY nailing Pinterest project. She can totally rock making glitter slime and […]

The Penned Piper

The Penned Piper Featured Blogger

Get ready to expand your reading list. Today’s featured blogger, The Penned Piper, has some great book suggestions for you! Hi, my name is Mandi and I addicted to books. After returning back to the States after teaching abroad, I decided to give into my passion. I am full-time freelance writer who loves to blog about […]

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