How to Create SEO Friendly Blog Post Titles


So you’ve got terrific, original content- fabulous! But if you don’t start off with a strong, clickable blog post title, your genius will be relegated to the fifth or sixth pages of search engines. Fear not! I’ve culled the top five tips for creating better blog post titles; ones which will be SEO friendly and […]

10 Secrets to Writing Success


Was kickstarting your blogging skills a major goal for the new year? Then you’re in excellent company, friends! Here are ten of our favorite ways to keep your blog (and you!) zipping through 2014 when it comes to finding writing success. 10 Secrets to Writing Success All Bloggers Should Know We don’t keep secrets in […]

5 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time Behind The Computer


Listen, we’ve all been there. Ten more minutes browsing your favorite blogs leads to an article you’ve been dying to read, which paves the way for some meme guffawing (and subsequent sharing)- and before you know it, it’s 3am and you’ve gotten zero things accomplished. (Least of all the online work that you needed to […]

8 Insanely Nice Things To Say To a Friend

nice things to say to a friend

Looking for some easy ways to absolutely make someone’s day? Especially when it comes to nice things to say to a friend? Here are 8 insanely nice, no-fail compliments, guaranteed to brighten the mood of your favorite writer/blogger/Internet pal. Nice Things To Say To a Friend To Brighten Their Day! 8. That post of yours […]

Writing Tips: 7 Secrets To Writing Better Blog Posts

writing tips

When it comes to writing tips to help you write better blog posts, do you find yourself floundering? Want to sharpen your skills and whip your brain into Writer’s Mode? Read on to get the blog writing tips you need to capture your audience and keep them coming back for more: Writing Tips to Help […]

Forum Roundup: July 28


Can you believe it’s already the last weekend in July?! This summer is simply zipping- which must mean we’re all doing something right. But before we trade our flip flops for apple-picking boots (y’all have those too, yes?), let’s check in with our always-seasonal forums! TheMommyMess, inspired by one of our fabulous How-To posts, wonders […]

Forum Roundup: July 21


Happy shank o’ July, everyone! I hope this weekend has brought you all some fabulous, outdoorsy fun- unless of course you’re being affected by this wicked heat wave. Then, by all means, I hope you’re inside, lying down, drinking a milkshake. Speaking of summertime joy, our terrific forums are going strong with the blogging info […]

Forum Roundup: July 14


Happy Bastille Day! And while I’m only as French as this crepe I’m inhaling, I hope you’ve all been enjoying a festive weekend full of joie de vivre. Now, let’s see what nos amis are up to in our globally fabulous forums, oui? Recreateanddecorate has started a popular thread on whether or not to truncate […]

Forum Roundup: July 5


Happy Day After The 4th, everyone! Hope you all have a little fire left in your works to get you through the Friday between days off! (Who okayed that one?!) Let’s take a well-deserved coffee break to check out the buzz in our forums… Rach_lifeeversince was looking for advice on how to announce an upcoming blogging […]

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