#SITSclass: How to Create Brilliant Ideas & Brainstorm

how to create brilliant ideas for your blog

I hope you enjoyed your first lesson for the two-week Think Like a Marketer class. I’ve been you ladies with your five words challenge and y’all are rockin’ it! Special shout out to Pepper from Pepper Scraps for being such a 5-word ninja on Twitter! If your group isn’t active, feel free to ask to join […]

5 Essential Tips For Branding Your Blog Successfully

blog how to

Welcome to the first lesson of our Think Like a Marketer class! Over the next two weeks, you’ll learn all about branding your blog for success and what it takes to keep readers coming back! Lesson 1: Tips for Branding What do you think of when someone says “brand”? A logo like Apple’s? A tagline […]

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