How to Write an Email Newsletter that Gets Noticed


A few weeks ago, I introduced the idea of adding an email newsletter to your blog. Email newsletters are an amazing tool that allow you to build a deeper bond with your readers. Plus, it gives you direct communication with them. If (heaven forbid) something terrible happens to your Facebook account or blog, an email […]

5 Reasons Your Blog Needs An Email Newsletter

email newsletters

Email newsletters are the most overlooked way to grow your blog audience. Email itself has gotten a bad wrap lately for being old news and totally passé. It doesn’t have nearly as a cool reputation like its younger sister social media BUT… Email newsletters remain one of the most effective online marketing tools available. And […]

Affiliate Marketing: The Quickest Way to Make Money

what is affiliate marketing

You can start making money from your blog – right now, today! Does it sound too good to be true? Does it sound border-line unethical? I pinkie swear that it is not. It’s honorable enough that you could even tell your mom about it. What is it? Drum roll please… Hello, Affiliate Sales! If you […]

The KISS Method to a Strategic Business Plan

preparing a business plan

The last step in kicking off your blog-based business is to make a plan; a little road map so you know where to channel your energy. Having a plan is also the only way to keep going when you are tired or frustrated. And it’s a really cool accountability tool that will allow you to […]

How to Find Your Passion and Take It to Market

how to find your passion

The discussion last week about monetizing was amazing. It’s awesome to see how open bloggers are to monetizing. Not too long ago monetizing was heresy. It’s great to see that tide has turned because, let’s face it, we all have bills to pay. If you’re standing on the “not making any money yet” side of […]

How to Find a Niche You Can Love and Serve

niche market

Niches have amazing super powers that can open doors for growing your blog. The trick is to finding a niche that you can love and serve. Once you do, you’ll quickly see that working within a niche will help you to eliminate competition, build a committed readership, and move your blog forward. Finding Your Niche […]

How to Make Money From Blogging Series

make money from blogging

Natalie’s segment on women in business/mom-preneurers and how to make money on-line officially kicks off today. To get us started, she is explaining the difference between a blog based business and a blog that makes money. It is an important differentiation that lays the foundation for our discussion on how to make money online. Making […]

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