Blog Rut: 5 Tips to Getting Unstuck & Out of a Blog Rut

blog rut

After you’ve been blogging for a while, it’s easy to work yourself into a blog rut: always blogging about the same topics, feeling like there’s nothing you haven’t already said in one way or another. A blog rut can leave you feeling uninspired, like you are simply going through the motions. And your readers will […]

iPad Mini & Camera Bag Giveaway for You AND Your Mom from Familiar

familiar app

This giveaway is sponsored by Familiar, a free and private way to share your photos with your family. Three years ago, my husband and I packed up and moved our kids over 600 miles away from my hometown: leaving behind my boys’ Grammy, Papa, three aunts, three uncles, and what is now six cousins.  The […]

What to Blog after a Tragedy

boston marathon

Bloggers write about all different sorts of topics: parenting, marriage, crafts, fashion, recipes, fitness, finance, blogging, pop culture, and on and on. Every topic imaginable, you can find a blog about it. But what happens after a tragedy like the terrible events at the Boston Marathon or the Sandy Hook school shooting? Do you continue […]

Before You Write a Sponsored Post

sponsored post

Getting paid to blog- it sounds amazing, doesn’t it? And it can be so flattering- someone values what you have to say and wants to either send you something or pay you. It can feel like “Yay! I’ve arrived!” But before you agree to write a sponsored post, you need to take some factors into […]

5 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

beat writer's block

Sometimes, the ideas for blog posts come easily. We can fill up our editorial calendar for the month in a single setting. But sooner or later, it will happen. The dreaded writer’s block. Or blogger’s block. Sometimes it happens because of a change in blog direction. Sometimes because there’s so much going on in our […]

5 Tips to Organize Email and Spring Clean Your Inbox

organize email

March is here, making it the perfect time to think spring and how to organize email! It’s a different kind of cleaning – one that doesn’t even require a bucket! Let’s look at some easy ways to organize email and clean out your email inboxes. Mine can get more cluttered than my boys’ toyroom when they are on a […]

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