Frugal in WV

Penne Pasta

It’s Friday and a holiday weekend. YES! So today, we celebrate with food. Meet Ann of Frugal in WV After years of failed recipes I started my blog to test out magazine and cookbook recipes in a real home kitchen. No overly made-up food photos, just real food photos and reviews of popular recipes. I’m […]

We Got Kidz!

Kesha SITs Pic

Who is excited for the holiday weekend coming up? Me. So, let’s celebrate with a great featured blogger. Meet Kesha of We Got Kidz! And this picture? It tells me Kesha is SO my people. I’m a graphic artist, self proclaimed love and relationship guru, and most importantly… Mom of twins who spends most of […]

Everyday Trish

hot pink wedding bouquet

Today we’ve got a great blogger up for feature. She had me at gnome collection. Meet Tricia of Everyday Trish. Hi, I’m Trish – I live in NW Indiana with my boyfriend (he’s kinda cool), dog (he’s only got one eye, and also kinda cool), and five cats (they’re okay). Admittedly, my blog is a […]

I Heart My Sleep Number Bed {You Can Win One Too!}

m7 image2

A few months ago, Sleep Number contacted us about giving away one of their Sleep Number® m7 Memory Foam Bed Set . I’d heard about how awesome these Sleep Number beds were and thought it would be best for me to try one out before giving one away. I am always looking out for you […]

Making Our Life Matter

Making our life matter

Helloooo ladies. I would love to introduce you to today’s featured blogger, Jen of Making Our Life Matter. She’s a baseball mom to two boys and a Philly sports fan. I am just a regular Mom trying to do what she can to balance this crazy thing called life. Between work, youth baseball, and those […]

Foster 2 Forever


I just adore today’s featured blogger! It is so fun to feature someone whom we’ve met “in real life”. She did an awesome guest post for us on How to Help Children in Foster Care– GREAT tips. Welcome Penelope of Foster to Forever. She is just amazing! I’m Penelope, a mid-40s first-time mom that beat […]

The Scott’s Crib


Please welcome Latoya of The Scott’s Crib! Latoya has a love blog- positive, inspiring and sweet, where she writes about family, life and love. Hi, my name is Latoya Scott and I blog over at The Scott’s Crib. This is my place to share my story of how I make my house a home, to […]

Along the Yellow Brick Road


It’s Wednesday. We are half way there ladies. We can make it to this weekend. We just need to stick together. Now, let’s get on the reason we are all here! To support the HECK out of one lady who has supported us. Today’s Featured Blogger. Meet Jenny of Along the Yellow Brick Road. She’s […]

Cooking In Stilettos


So, we need to be clear about something. Supporting the featured blogger means you need to go to THEIR site and leave a comment. Lately, we’ve noticed around 50% of you who roll call actually commenting on the FB’s blog. So, please be sure to do that- it really does matter. Now, for today, we’ve […]

My Mamihood


We hope all you Moms out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Today’s featured blogger is one of my favorite people I’ve met from blogging. When you meet her, you can’t help but be captivated by her energy and charm. She is just…special. Please meet Sili of My Mamihood. I started writing in the midst […]