Confessions of a Scary Mommy

I’ve been reading Jill Smokler’s blog, Scary Mommy, since I started blogging four years ago. She’s one of those people that just plain says what everyone else is thinking and makes no apologies for keeping it real. It’s that honesty that so many moms relate to. How many of us dance around the topics or avoid them altogether for fear of being misunderstood? But we’ll giggle behind our computer screens when Jill lays it out.

I think what I love most about Jill’s writing is that even though her kids drive her to curl up in the fetal position while licking spoonfuls of Nutella in the corner of a closet, she also makes it piercingly clear that they are the joys and loves of her life. I admire her ability to walk that line.

It’s amazing to watch bloggers grow and it has been a trip to watch Scary Mommy morph from a mom blog to a full fledged community and more. She’s one of the few bloggers who also uses her platform as a way to help those in need.

Today, Confessions of a Scary Mommy has officially been released and we’re giving Jill a standing ovation (behind our screens) for a job well done! She’s proof that it CAN be done.

We LOVE blogger success stories, congratulations Jill!!

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    So exciting for her!! I love her blog and can’t wait to read the book!! It’s sitting in my pile to read.

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    Congratulations Jill. I too have never heard of your blog but I’m excited to check out your community. It’s so great to hear people giving back when they are able to influence others.

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    Read the ‘preview chapters’ yesterday and had to laugh!
    Refreshing. I like how she’s brought in ‘confessions’ to the start of each chapter.

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    I’ve been reading Jill since the beginning too and I adore her both on her blog and in person. GO BUY her BOOK!!!!

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    I started reading Scary Mommy when I first became a mom, just over 2 years ago. She inspired me to start blogging and made me feel like I wasn’t alone in this insane journey of motherhood. For that, I am forever grateful to her. I pre-ordered my copy and expect to arrive later today. I cannot even tell you how freaking excited I am to receive it!!! Also? I’m totally DVR’ing her on The Today Show tomorrow morning because I’ll be at work when it airs. YAY Jill!!!!

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    Scary Mommy was one of the first Mommy blogs I read and has served as an inspiration for me over the years. Jill’s honesty is refreshing and makes me smile. I am excited that she has put out a book and I cannot wait to read it!

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    Me, too! I started reading Jill’s blog a few years ago. She never ceases to amaze me – I love her writing, her community-building, and her humor. I’ve already had the chance to read her book, and it is spectacular! Funny, poignant, and it assures all of us Scary Mommies feel like we’re not the only ones who let our toddlers eat a slug by mistake.