Do’s and Don’ts of Pinterest

how to use pinterest

Pinterest is by far one of the most active, engaging social media communities. There are tons of ways to draw traffic to your website using Pinterest, and it’s typically a really great platform to engage with your readers on and deliver content that they’ll enjoy and be able to save and view time and time […]

Unintentionally Brilliant

featured blogger roxanne

You will enjoy the writing and stories about life and motherhood from today’s featured blogger, Unintentionally Brilliant. My name is Roxanne, and I’m a single mother to a 7-year-old superhero and Doctor Who fanatic (okay, he gets it from me!). I’m a Bay Area transplant living in Reno, NV. I have about 5 novels in progress […]

7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

boost creativity

It’s time to sit down and write the next article, the next post, or the next chapter of your book, but try as you might you come up short, with nothing but a few dead-end ideas that have been regurgitated one time too many. We’ve all been there, right? If you’re not sure what to […]

Good Girl Gone Redneck

good girl gone redneck blog

For beautiful words about motherhood and so much more, you will love today’s featured blogger, Good Girl Gone Redneck. Hey, y’all! I’m a native New Yorker who has been living in North Carolina since 2006. I started blogging after my daughter turned two (’09) and have found it to be both, an incredible outlet and an […]

Tamara (Like) Camera

tamara like camera feature

If you love beautiful pictures and even more beautiful words, you are going to love the stories and heart of today’s featured blogger, Tamara (Like) Camera. Tamara is a professional photographer at, a mama of two, a writer/blogger at Tamara (Like) Camera, and a nearly professional cookie taster. She has been known to be all four […]

7 Ways To Take Care Of You (+Linky To Get Featured)

self-care feature

This summer, (as with any time of the year) it is important to take care of yourself! Trying to keep everyone happy during the summer months can be a chore, especially if you are spread too thin and your own health and well-being goes by the wayside. We’ve gathered 7 simple self-care ideas to help […]

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