Why Choosing A Blogging Niche Will Help You Grow Your Blog

Is your blog all over the place, or does it have a specific topic? Choosing a blogging niche will help you to grow your blog faster and focus on the readers who will be interested in every single blog post your write. That is how you build a loyal following in the blogging world.

I’ve been blogging for over 10 years, but it wasn’t until I defined my blogging niche 3 years ago that I finally started to get my footing in the blogosphere. Out of all the best blogging tips and tutorials, defining a niche for your blog is one of the most important. Let me explain. For a long […]

Pedicure Tips For Summer

Treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure with these at home beauty pedicure tips | DIY Beauty

Summer is just about here and one of the best things about summer is walking around in flip flops all day, every day. I absolutely love the comfort of flip flops and love how you can wear them throughout the warmer months and get a nice tan at the same time. It’s so important to […]

Minute® Rice Twitter Party: Join Us!

Minute Rice Logo

As the days get longer, and summer approaches, we want to spend as much time as possible outside. It is hard to think about work, cleaning the house, and cooking when the sun is calling your name. This is the season Minute® Rice really comes in handy, because we can make healthy meals for our families – […]

Read These Books To Improve Your Writing

We've collected the four best books to read about writing. If you want writing tips, and inspiration to become a better writer, you need this list! These books will help you write a book or blog posts and everything in between.

Blogging consists of many creative components, but by and large the one that you have to nail, is writing. Beautiful, pinnable images are great, but if you can’t back it up with great content, you won’t have an audience. You may be asking why I’m any kind of authority on this. Well, I can tell you, […]

10 Tips to Get Your Recipes Accepted by FoodGawker

accepted by foodgawker

Have you submitted a recipe to be accepted by FoodGawker? It can be a great way for a food blogger to get extra viewers but your recipe and photos have to be accepted first. What’s the trick? What are they looking for? This blogger shares 10 tips for making your posts top notch and getting your […]

7 Decadent Chocolate Desserts (+Linky To Get Your Post Featured)

Seven decadent chocolate dessert recipes. That's one for every day of the week! Yum!

Happy May, SITS-tah’s! We have incredible chocolate dessert recipes for you today. In fact, we have seven chocolate desserts – so you can celebrate your love of chocolate every day of the week. As you should. Don’t forget to link up your recipe or craft on the linky. We are excited to see what you are creating! Here’s […]

Microsoft Surface 3 Twitter Party: Join Us!

Microsoft Surface 3

We love getting a look at the newest tech gadgets, and today we’ve got one that is so new it isn’t even officially out in stores yet! The New Microsoft Surface 3 Microsoft has taken their Surface to a whole new level with this latest update. The Microsoft Surface 3 is a tablet that works […]

How to Set Attainable Blogging Goals

Are you ready to see your blog grow? Then it is time to start setting blogging goals that are real and attainable. Goal setting is a still that we all need to develop. These tips will help you get started - especially tip #2

Goal setting is almost a mandatory skill we need as bloggers. Our blogging goals drive us forwards towards our dreams. They give us purpose, direction, and serve as reminders that we are working towards something. Blogging is a big time commitment, and goals can help us make the best use of the time we have. […]

Fruit Ice Cubes For Summer

Make your drinks extra fun with fruit-infused summer ice cubes. This is a great way to brighten up the drinks at your summer party, or get your kids to drink more water.

Yes, I have been faithfully drinking my lemon detox water every day since New Year’s. I can’t say whether it’s the water, but I feel good. I still drink my one cup of coffee after…and enjoy. Every. Sip! That said, I am on a quest to drink even more water. SO…how can I make it…well…less boring? […]

My Biggest Blogging Fail & Best Marketing Tips!

Learn from my failure as I share my best marketing tips to promote your blog.

Do you have a blogging fail? This blogger shares how her biggest fail set her back, but that’s not all! She also shares her best marketing tips she used to make up for lost time. Read on to discover how you can make lemonade from your blogging fail lemons. My Biggest Blogging Fail & Best […]

Good SEO is just good blogging.

Good SEO for your blog doesn't have to be hard. Learn some of the basics, and see how you can easily optimize your blog for searches.

Are you intimidated by search engine optimization, or SEO? Good SEO is necessary for bloggers, and it isn’t as hard as you think. Good SEO Is Good Blogging Guess what? SEO isn’t a scary thing. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be that technical. Recently, I read an income report of an up and […]

May 2nd: Share Your Favorite Post At Saturday Sharefest

Blog posts that inspired us from last week's blog link up at The SITS Girls.

Good morning SITS-tahs! Welcome to the first Sharefest of May. What do you have planned this month? Star Wars themed fun on the forth? A Cinco de Mayo party?  Growing your social media? Or maybe you are just counting down the days until summer comes? We are doing all those things. Whatever you have planned for this […]

31 Days of Writing Prompts for May


We are back with our 31 Days of Writing Prompts.  Our goal is to help you keep your editorial calendar stocked with plenty of writing ideas! 31 Days of Writing Prompts Feel free to pick and choose which prompts work well for your site. Do you have a green thumb? Share some gardening tips. Or some […]

Quick Buttermilk Zucchini Bread

Everyone loves a good quick bread. This buttermilk zucchini bread recipe is perfect. It bakes up moist and the buttermilk gives it a great zing.

Before you know it, your gardens and markets will be bursting with fresh zucchini ready to be used for amazing, quick and easy summer recipes. One of my favorite ways to use zucchini is in quick breads. I have made Chocolate Zucchini Bread, and Blueberry Zucchini bread to name a few.  We had some leftover […]