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Morgan of The 818.com makes me smile.  She’s a fellow resident of Southern California, working in the Entertainment Industry, from home.  At The 818.com, you’ll find Morgan “oversharing” her personal life (complete with curse words-but not the posts linked to here), and she also blogs regularly about art and design.  Did I mention that she’s a wife, mother and screenwriter?  Let’s give Morgan a warm SITS welcome!

How did your blog emerge, and how has it changed since it’s inception?
Ahhh, this is my favorite question.  At the time I was working in advertising and always coming across bizarre things.  Like THIS.  That link is gross, but it’s literally the reason I started The818.   Within a month I’d been knocked up and laid off, and it quickly became a journal of the panic that came with my pop-up new life.

Motherhood isn’t the only thing that defines you.  What other things would we find interesting about you?
Thank you – I like to think I’m not all Mom Jeans and coffee stains either.  I work full time from home – I’m a screenwriter.  Yes the Hollywood kind.  No, you haven’t seen anything I’ve written.  (Except probably quite a few of my TV commercials from the Ad lackey days.)

But coming 2013 the studio that brought you Twilight and the Dude that produced The Social Network are going to change all that.  My first movie is called “We’re Not Dating.” and (knock wood) IT WILL ONE DAY SOON BE IN THEATERS!!!!

Also I collect spoons from every place I visit.

You suffered from Post-Partum Depression after the birth of your daughter.  How’d you work through it?
A lot of therapy.  A lot of support.  I’m still working through it every day because the social anxiety it left behind is something I never struggled with before.   But there is so much light at the end of that tunnel and I am so in love with my little girl – if you are a Mom who is struggling, PLEASE know that your mind is playing tricks on you and you WILL get better.

Tell us about the American Idol Finale  you attended.
Oh my god, my head is still spinning.  Gaga.  Bono.  Beyonce.  Steven Tyler’s rendition of Dream On was incredible.   Gladys Knight nearly knocked me off of my seat.  J Lo is officially the hottest thing on two legs.   And Gordon Ramsay kissed me on the cheek and told me to “behave” when I confessed to him that he is in fact on “my list.” If you know what I’m saying. And amazing night, and Ford really treated me like a queen.  I can’t thank them enough.

Tell us about topics you most like to write about.
Life.  I like to tell stories.  I strive to share that one thing that maybe no one else has told you that will make you feel like you aren’t alone out there.

Also I am a freak for all things architecture and interiors.  So you see plenty of that on my neck of the internet.   I also get to write about it for Cargoh.com, so I get an excuse to search for cool houses and innovative design online all day.

Favorite Posts:
Labor of Love:  LOVE this nursery!
Social Media is a Warm Gun: Depression is a “slippery sucker”.
Purgeday Thursday (Yes, I’m still calling it that):  This closet makeover is pretty extraordinary.

A Photographic Journal: Krashing Motions Photography
Parenting Blog From The Trenches: Mama Bub


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  12. Hi Morgan, I think I might find your blog very interesting as I have a cousin who works in the entertainment business as a free-lance Music Supervisor. She does pretty well after putting years into her business, but as you well know it’s either feast or famine!

  13. I was at the Idol finale, too! Sounds like we have a lot in common. I can’t wait to start reading your blog.

  14. A very unique and fun blog!

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  16. Enjoyed reading! Congrats on the SITS day.

    Happy Thursday!

  17. A screen writer who may be famous one day! How exciting!

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  19. Hi to all the SITS girls,
    It’s been a while but I’m BACK and can’t wait to start commenting on all my favorite blogs!!!

  20. Morgan is a great blogger!! So glad it’s her SITS day!

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    Congrats od your SITS Day!!

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  25. Yay Morgan! Congrats on your SITS day!

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    You are on my LIST (if you know what I mean.)

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