A programmer that sews.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Today’s featured blogger is Sew Not My Day

Heather: I like to sew too, but mostly easy stuff. I’m always so impressed when people actually sew clothes. I’ve tried, but it doesn’t work out so well for me.

Tiffany: My mom sews too and I love to watch her work.

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About Tiffany

One of two behind The SITS Girls and Bloggy Boot Camp. Lover of college football, sushi and my son's freckles. I am a real life camp director, believer in possibility and devourer of books. You can find me on Google Plus {occasionally} at Tiffany Romero and tweeting {constantly} @TiffanyRom.
Fighting the frump.
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    Still late but getting closer to being on time! LOL Happy day to all on which ever day you read this! :-)
    .-= Farrah´s last post: I feel “lighter” =-.

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    if they had a giveaway for more hours in the day I would totally sign up for it. twitter for it. facebook for it. become a follower. blog about it. does anyone besides me feel like giveaways are tedious? it doesn’t feel free when I have to spend all that time working for it lol. anyway I’m sure I’m the last one checking in so no one will read this……..
    .-= Christine´s last post: Homemade English Toffee & Some Other Random Goodies =-.