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Today’s featured blogger is Sweet Jeanette
Sweet Jeanette

Heather: Jeanette makes the most beautiful quilts! I tried to learn how to quilt once. It didn’t go so well.

Tiffany: I admire anyone with the talent to quilt. It seems to take such patience.

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  1. lots of talent and patience…beautiful quilts and love your site!

  2. I LOVE quilting. Can’t wait to check this one out!
    .-= Katie @ Why Bother?´s last post: Ahhhh, Spring! =-.

  3. IHappy SITS day a few days late – oh well! Better late than never?!?
    .-= Heather´s last post: Embellishing Party Favor Boxes Made with Card Stock =-.

  4. Good Morning :)
    .-= Momma K´s last post: Keeping her eye on the prize… literally =-.

  5. I’m a teensy bit behind on my SITS following – but yesterday I made cookies, so that counts for something.

    .-= Megan (Best of Fates)´s last post: Next Fall =-.

  6. Hope everyone has a great day!
    .-= Cindi @ Moomette’s Magnificents´s last post: Vermont Snow Covered Walkway Bridge and Stream-Wordless Wednesday =-.

  7. I love Jeannette already!
    .-= Holly L´s last post: DIY Day….Chick on a Stick =-.

  8. It’s almost Thursday here in the East Coast. It’s my quiet, do whatever mommy wants time. Looking forward to tomorrow.
    .-= The Drama Mama´s last post: Shoot the Poop Monday =-.

  9. Hope everyone is having a great week so far! I’m dealing with a sick husband again… this is the 3rd time this year =(
    .-= Michaela´s last post: Wordless Wednesday – Carwash =-.

  10. Roll Call at 8:40 PM mountain standard time. I’m so happy it’s Wed! Spring is in the air in Denver…sunny and 54 degrees. Woo-hoo.
    .-= Leaza in Denver´s last post: Blessed with BFFs…not the Boy Kind =-.

  11. ARG – apparently I can’t even type a link correctly – it’s been that kind of a day… Reposted from above – with the corrected link, of course!

    I’m in the middle of a bloggy makeover so my site’s a little wonky at the moment, but my posts are all still there!

    I’m 2 votes off the front page at Top Baby Blogs, so if you have a moment, could you click here to vote for me? http://tinyurl.com/coleemmett Thanks!
    .-= Cole´s last post: Real Men Wear Pink? =-.

  12. I’m counting down the days til opening day. Anyone else a baseball fan?
    .-= Katie´s last post: baseball love =-.

  13. Just popping in before bed. Hang in there, only 2 more days til the weekend!
    .-= Bekah´s last post: Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff: Bloom! =-.

  14. Come over and enter my giveaway – how cool!!


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  15. Happy Hump day!
    .-= Jessica Jones´s last post: Random Thoughts =-.

  16. I’ve always wanted to learn to quilt.
    .-= Emily Babb´s last post: Ch ch changes =-.

  17. I’m in the middle of a bloggy makeover so my site’s a little wonky at the moment, but my posts are all still there!

    I’m 2 votes off the front page at Top Baby Blogs, so if you have a moment, could you click here to vote for me? http:tinyurl.com/coleemmett Thanks!
    .-= Cole´s last post: Real Men Wear Pink? =-.

  18. OOOOPS!!! Better late than never.
    .-= michelle´s last post: =-.

  19. I’ve always wanted to learn to quilt, though I think I’m too old and lazy. ;) Great read!
    .-= Kelly´s last post: A lovely morning =-.

  20. Hi Sweet Jeanette! Congrats on your SITS day! I like your site. Keep it up. :-)
    .-= Claire´s last post: First-times from Tripbase (my first guest blogger) =-.

  21. Still learning tons of stuff even though I am old.
    .-= littlepurpleroom´s last post: Tell- a-Tip-Tuesday =-.

  22. Crazy week…finally making it by! :)
    .-= Cait´s last post: God shines….even in the "awful" days =-.

  23. hey there! very late start today! but still glad to make it:)
    Please come visit me

  24. 3 more days! to Bloggy boot Camp
    .-= Diane @ InMyOwnStyle´s last post: How-to Make a Designer Pillow =-.

  25. what a week! i havent been able to post early in so long!!! i guess better late than never!
    .-= lauren´s last post: I get by with a little help from my friends =-.

  26. The post with the mention of the carboard cutout of Arnold made me laugh out loud.

  27. almost time for ‘good night, joyce.’ xo

  28. I love the quilts! hope everyone is having a nice week.
    .-= All Three of Us´s last post: The week is half over =-.

  29. I wish I could quilt! Although, with a baby that doesn’t nap, I’m not sure when I would have the time…


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