I Know How Is Babby Formed

Good day to you, SITStahs. Today’s featured blogger writes openly about motherhood with no topic left uncovered. She writes about life after a miscarriage, crafts, moms and careers, and a whole bunch more. Welcome Christa from I Know How Is Babby Formed.

I Know How Is Babby Formed

Let’s meet Christa up close and personal!

 I’m Christa, aka the BabbyMama. I have one daughter, and hope for more someday; I have five cats, but hope for less someday; and I have one husband, which seems like just the right number. I talk about miscarriage unapologetically because, darn it, someone has to! I talk about crafts and being a mom and life, too. I used to season it all with snark, but nowadays I’m trying to be nice. To sum up, I KNOW HOW IS BABBY FORMED is all about me – doesn’t that sound selfish? But where else does a wage slave working mama get to have total unequivocal “me time,” anyway? Enjoy, say hi, and let’s be friends!

I Know How Is Babby Formed

A very funny look at the question of Men In The Delivery Room.

The Short Non Existence of Baby C discusses a vanished triplet and her reaction.

Christa looks at whether all mothers should be called “working mothers” in Calling All Moms “Working Moms”.

Now leave a quick comment here, then scurry off to Christa’s blog to give her some love on her big day!


  1. Leticia Craft says:

    Y’all are gonna love her. No Google, or WordPress, and what the heck is OpenID anyway? Here!
    Leticia Craft recently posted..Swiffer Mops

  2. Nadine Ferguson says:

    Refreshing. I really like this blogger – just read her essay on “working mom” and loved her honest take on this subject! Here!
    Nadine Ferguson recently posted..Acne Tips

  3. Happy Belated SITS Day! Will hop on over to take a look at your website.
    Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri recently posted..What Are You Reading?

  4. Hey girl! I love your straightforwardness! Refreshing.
    Grumpy Grateful Mom recently posted..NEVER AGAIN

  5. Off I go
    Teresa (Embracing the Spectrum) recently posted..Poop

  6. I missed your SITS day. I’m sorry. :( I hope you had a fantastic one.
    Ronni recently posted..The ABCs of Thanks

  7. I didn’t know!! I’m late! I am alreay a follower of Miss Christa – love her blog! Off to say sorry I missed her day – yikes!
    nan @ LBDDiaries recently posted..A BAD TO THE BONE WILD THING

  8. Happy SITS day–you have such a beautiful family. Off to check out your corner of the web now. And happy Thanksgiving!
    Charlotte recently posted..The time I may have gone out with a serial killer

  9. Congrats on your SITS day! Can’t wait to check out your blog.
    Heather recently posted..Burt’s Bees Facial Towelettes with White Tea Extract

  10. Happy SITS day! Going to check out your blog now :)
    Frugal in WV recently posted..Family Circle Wild Mushroom Soup

  11. Thanks for sharing this blogger’s site! I’m intrigued so I’m heading on over :)

  12. Happy SITS day to you! On my way to say hello!
    Shannon from ‘Mynewfavoriteday’ recently posted..Counting Blessings One Moment at a Time.

  13. Happy Tuesday!
    Margaret Almon recently posted..Sheila Hicks: Fifty Years of Fabulous Fiber Art

  14. Happy SITS Day, Christa! Looking forward to reading your latest post.
    Dani recently posted..Top 5 Things I’m Thankful For in 2011

  15. Already posted, but just wanted to add this: I stopped by your blog to comment (love it!), but couldn’t because I don’t have the right ID. No Google, or WordPress, and what the heck is OpenID anyway? I usually just use a URL, so if you could add that, I would love to visit your site in the future, even when it’s not SITS day!
    No Drama Mama recently posted..How to Alienate Other Moms

  16. Your pictures are stunning! Some day someone is going to have to sit down and teach me Photoshop.
    No Drama Mama recently posted..How to Alienate Other Moms

  17. Most definitely are all moms working moms… you had me with that post for sure… off to check it out! Happy SITS day.
    The Lucky Wife recently posted..Limoncello Recipe Collection (20+ recipes): Day 40 of The 100-Day Countdown to Christmas

  18. Here!

  19. Roses daughter says:

    Miscarriage can be a tough topic! Happy SITS day!
    Roses daughter recently posted..Random Tuesday: Pookah Edition

  20. I really like this blogger – just read her essay on “working mom” and loved her honest take on this subject!
    sheri recently posted..i brake for squash, part five: apple pumpkin fruit roll-ups

  21. Hey Christa! What a cute blog AND family!!
    Justine Duppong recently posted..Single? This Post is for YOU!

  22. Love her blog!
    Ginger recently posted..Joy At Full Blast

  23. Looks like a great blog!
    Jamie recently posted..Gather ‘Round

  24. I love blogs about motherhood. They are such a great support to me!

  25. She has a great blog.
    dramaqueensmum recently posted..Mommy & Me Monday

  26. Happy Tuesday! I’m off to check out today’s featured blogger. :)
    Anne recently posted..Martha Stewart at DAR Constitution Hall

  27. Happy SITS Day to Christa!
    Tricia Oakes recently posted..I’m thankful for handmadeThanksgiving hostess gifts

  28. looking forward to getting to know Christa.
    Sara recently posted..Pumpkin Pie Crunch

  29. What a gorgeous family!! Happy SITS day
    kate@threehautemamas recently posted..The Best Ten Year Push Present Ever

  30. Two more days till Turkey Day! Gobble Gobble!
    Cheryl recently posted..Movie Quote Monday #6 – I’m Your Density

  31. Love her…glad it’s her day!
    Not a Perfect Mom recently posted..The Crash

  32. I am a long time friend/reader of hers. She is a great and thoughtful writer. :)
    Audrey recently posted..Inspiration From the Bottom of a Drawer

  33. Very interesting. I’ll have to run over and check her out right now! :-P
    Vi Nguyen recently posted..Every Baby Needs a Blowdryer

  34. Hi! Off to check it out.
    Jocelyn @ ScooterMarie recently posted..Capture the Everyday

  35. Happy SITS Day to you
    Melissa@ Completely Eclipsed recently posted..I Was Never Cool

  36. I love “snarky” people. lol. Awesome intro. Love the blog!
    Kesha C. recently posted..Those Are Love Licks

  37. Happy happy SITS day!! I’m off to your blog, see you there!
    Venus recently posted..Thankful Tuesdays: Hooray for my brain

  38. Happy Tuesday. I’m so excited for the upcoming four day weekend.
    Kmama recently posted..Talkin’ Turkey

  39. Another great blog, thanks!
    Carolyn recently posted..Good Gifts Gone Bad

  40. Can’t wait to read what she has to say about miscarriages. I’ve also had one and it is seldom discussed.
    Stephanie’s Mommy Brain recently posted..5 Kernels of Corn Thanksgiving Tradition

  41. Am I the only one not ready for Thanksgiving yet? Need to get off the computer and make a last minute grocery store run.
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  42. I’m already clicking through! Looks like another great FB. Congrats on your SITS day!
    Amanda Austin recently posted..Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

  43. Christa has a great site. I love that she talks about miscarriage which so many women have had to deal with, but no one seems to talk very openly about it. Such a cute family too!
    Caren with a “C” recently posted..Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Orange Cups

  44. I’ve been a long time reader of hers. Y’all are gonna love her.
    Michelle recently posted..Jesus First, Other Second, Yourself Last

  45. Happy SITS day! Heading over to her blog now…

    Happy Tuesday everyone!
    Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos recently posted..Cooking ‘Round The Web — Thanksgiving Edition

  46. Such a tough topic. Can’t wait to read more!
    Bonnie recently posted..Apple Pecan Coffee Cake

  47. Newbie blogger working on spreading the love!
    shae recently posted..The man I laugh with and the one I have dreamed about

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