Along the Yellow Brick Road

It’s Wednesday.

We are half way there ladies.

We can make it to this weekend.

We just need to stick together.

Now, let’s get on the reason we are all here!

To support the HECK out of one lady who has supported us. Today’s Featured Blogger.

Meet Jenny of Along the Yellow Brick Road. She’s living all fancy schmancy in Europe. So cool.

And? I LOVE this picture.

She’s like to introduce herself:

I’m Jenny- wife to Tom and mum to three fun kids enjoying a second “once in a lifetime” experience as an American expat living near London. I blog about adjusting to life in the UK and dragging my kids around Europe, one playground at a time. There are lots of ups and downs to expat life- but it’s always an adventure!

And, here is here fabulous blog:

Three Years {They’ve been living abroad for 3 years! Celebrate with them}

Etiquette Tip {The English of tradition if offering tea.}

London By Night {Fancy. And AMAZING.}

So, roll call below so we know you were here. Then, and this the important part, GO VISIT JENNY.

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