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Hi everyone! An Artful Mom is where I share my creative outlets and includes bits of my life, family, and photography (and often what I’m cooking, making, or learning about.) The community of bloggers makes life more fun (as does “living creatively,” which explains my tagline!) Let’s visit and have some three-minute cake.

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    Thank you, you’re so sweet. My name is an old European name I got from my grammie. I’m so sorry you lost Lucy! She was such a beautiful and dignified lady! We lost our Buddy and it was so painful. They really become part of our lives!

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      Thanks, Wilma. Hmm, I will have to take a look at that–I wasn’t aware it was requiring a Google+ account to accept comments. I wonder if that was a temporary glitch? Thanks for visiting!

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    Have you read An Artful Mom’s post on ‘real mail?’ You should. Some compelling stuff there. Of course, I’m a bit bias, being the paper junkie, letter writing gal that I am. :)

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    I just checked out your blog! I love how “real” it is. That’s one of my favorite qualities in a blog. Keep up the good work! :)

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      Thank you so much for the supportive words, Sarah! I try to keep it real, and your words are so appreciated!

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    Hi, Happy SITS Day! Just paid your blog a visit. I loved your post How to Spoil a Cat (and vignette a photo), we have an old cat a home, a beloved Lilly, who also demands her time in the sun!

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      Thank you Clotilde! (I love your name, BTW!) So glad you enjoyed the post about our Lucy. We lost her this past March and still miss her.