Tara Dara

Great support of yesterday’s FB- We love seeing all that love!

Today we have another awesome blogger. She came to our Bloggy Boot Camp in Denver and we were instantly smitten.

She is crazy talented. And super pretty. If you aren’t following her on twitter, you should be.

Please meet, Tara, of Tara Dara Made It.

Enough from us. Here is what Tara has to say for herself:

I’m an artsy fartsy mom who owns a sewing business and the owner/author of Taradara Made It. My business name is derived from my first name and my maiden name, Darough. In college, friends used to call me Taradara … kind of catchy with a ring to it. I use blogging as a way to communicate and to reach out to others. I love the blogging community and learning about other businesses that I feature twice a week.

She’s got a great blog- so leave a comment below letting us know you were here and then head over to her place to check it out and leave a comment… or five. 😉


Here are some gems she knows you’ll love:

Golden Globe Drama

OWN Your Own Business

Bloggy Boot Camp {How sweet was of it of her to pick a post about us?! Seriously, that Tara is such a giver. The picture of Mama Kat in this post? Priceless}

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    Okay Taradara… In my opinion, you’ve got the patience of Job. I want to start and finish everything anyone could ever sew in one day.And, you KNOW that’s not gonna work. And, of course my first pattern choices are the designer ones! And, unless you possess the skill, patience, and passion for sewing that Taradara has, it ain’t gonna happen.

    I admire you – in two ways:

    #1.) For being able to sit still long enough to sew

    #2.) For making FB here on SITS.

    Congratulations! I look forward to checking out your blog.
    Going now…

    • says

      Hey Carlo! You are so wonderful! Thank you for such a great comment! I think I’d like to meet you in real life! LOL! xo

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    I am so envious. I would love to be creative. When we were house hunting, we toured a home with a craft room that was huge, wonderfully organized, and our agent had to move me along, because I just wanted to look at the projects.

    Happy SITS Day!

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      Hey Kimberly! Thank you so much for your comment! I totally know what you’re talking about! I get caught up in everyone’s crafts as well! LOL! xo