Nobody But Yourself

Saturday we kicked off this week’s contest by featuring Sweet Funky Vintage .

The prize is a $35 gift certificate to their adorable shop!

Today’s featured blogger is Nobody But Yourself

Heather: This must be the week of the Heathers.  I’m not biased or anything.  Heather is the roll call queen and I don’t think there have been too many days that she’s missed.  She deserves all the comment love she’s going to get today.

Tiffany: Do you remember the movie “The Heathers”?  Heather, Heather, Heather.
Well, this Heather is a crack up and a commenting machine.  She actually writes mini posts as comments.  Plus, she holds the record for winning like the most SITS prizes ever.  Love this chick.
Karma’s funny that way. Hey, Karma, I think we’re even now.
“I feel pret-ty, oh so pret-ty.” Princessification=a whole lot of glitter.
A hair autobiography.  Hair-raising matters

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