Life in a Pink Fibro

Today’s featured blogger is Allison of Life in a Pink Fibro.

Allison describes herself as:

I’m a writer, a mother, a Mrs. I used to live in The Big Smoke, but I moved back to my hometown with The Builder and my two boys (Mr7 and Mr4) about three years ago. I write about writing, being a work at home mum… and whimsy.

Sometimes I just write. Oh, and in case you were wondering, a Fibro is a type of Australian house. Simple, honest construction. Home.

Allison’s blog feels like she’s inviting you to hang out for a cup of coffee and chat.  Love that.

Her three posts:

Famous Last Words- “I’ll Write My Novel When…” {Many of us know this feeling…. someday}

Proud Parents Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Romero & Juliet: A Fibrotown Fable {Young love?}

Now- you know what to do.

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    I am so late making my way around but congrats on your SITS day! Heading over to check out that post about writing a novel…I think I may be in the same predicament lol:)

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    I always think of fibromyalgia when I hear “fibro”, so I was wondering what your blog title meant. Love the button for your blog!

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    I’m TERRIBLY behind with all my SITS features, but catching up on a windy Saturday. Off to check her out now and hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

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    It looks like I came by but forgot to comment! I am off to make sure I commented on your site. Sometimes I look things up in the morning and then have to dash off…silly paying job gets in the way of my blogging life 😀

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    I broke the rules and visited her blog FIRST and then came back and commented. 😉 Totally cute, and I enjoyed the organizational tip she shared in one of her posts!