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Happy Friday, friends! We are ready to celebrate Friday with our flash featured blogger Beauty in the Mess. Make sure to give her a warm welcome.

Hello, I’m Whitney! I love Jesus, am a wife, mama to my 3 littles and have a baby GIRL due in March. My life is crazy, chaotic, and messy. But I seek to find the beauty in the mess, although some days that is SUPER hard. You’d never know it, but we spent YEARS struggling through infertility. Feel free to bring a chai latte or a white chocolate mocha when you stop by ;).

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Lavender and Honey
Desert Momma

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  1. Got some ideas from the how to date your husband post and hope they will work for us. great posts :)

  2. Happy SITS Day! Love meeting other sisters in Christ.

  3. Have a lovely SITS day!

  4. Congratulations on your SITS day! Hope that you had an amazing day!

  5. Happy SITS Day!!

  6. Heading that way…

  7. Love your date ideas! I’m always looking for new fun ideas!

  8. Your site is so great!!! I really love the date idea post! So glad to have found you!!!

  9. the date your hubs ideas are great! And perfect timing for valentine’s day.

  10. I love the design of your blog. It’s so inviting! And I just read your 50 ideas for fun dates. The list is wonderful and inspirational! Thank you for sharing!

  11. I’m a little late, but I hope you had a great SITS day! I can’t wait to stop by and read about dating your husband on a budget – much needed advice there!

  12. 4 babies! you sure have your hands full & I am enjoying reading about your journey through it all.

  13. I’m late to the party but at least I showed up. :) Heading over to your blog right now to check things out.

  14. I love the family photo! And March is a good month to have a baby (I had three of my four in March). ;)

  15. Psyched to read all these new (to me at least) bloggers. Happy SITS day.

  16. I love the family photo! Happy SITS Day!

  17. Enjoy your SITS day! congrats!

  18. Happy SITS Day!

  19. Congrats on winning the flash SITS day! Cute site :)

  20. I just joined! I love the name of your blog & your family is adorable!

    Crumbs & Curls

  21. Happy Sits Day! What a beautiful family!

  22. Wow! You sound busy!! I love the positive vibe…Happy SITS Day!

  23. Woo Hoo!! My first Happy SITS day!!! yay!! off to check the blog!

  24. Hope you’ve had a fun SITS Day! Heading over to check out your blog now :-)

  25. Such a great family photo! Happy SITS Day!

    I hope it was amazing :D
    Love, Keia

  27. Happy SITS day!

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