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Good morning! Let’s get this beautiful Thursday started with our featured blogger The Best You.

Tiffany Huff is the Founder and Blogger at The Best You, an inspiring personal empowerment and healthy living community for women. Tiffany is passionate about empowering women to become their best selves by first envisioning what being their best is and then taking the steps to making their visions a reality and she started the blog as a way to share her journey to being her best with other women.

Favorite Posts:

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    Happy belated SITS day! I have been on vacation and am just now catching up on all the SITS featured from the last week or so. I will head over to your blog now for some inspiration!

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    I just visited your blog and I loved “3 Reasons You Need to Go to Happy Hour Everyday!” It really gave that extra push I needed to stay motivated and stay focused! Thank you!

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    Wow Tiffany, your story is so inspiring.. It’s awesome to see someone on the other side of a trial whose trying to reach out and help others.

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    I am so overwhelmed with thanks and appreciation for all of the comment luv and feedback that I have received from this community today! You ladies rock and I am happy to be among so many supportive, women! Thank you all again, and cheers to YOU!

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    Read about ‘hitting a plateau’ re: healthy lifestyle. A gentle yet firm ‘kick’n in the pant’s
    that I needed. Thank you!

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    Love it!! I also am an advocate for women to empower themselves. I have two daughters, a teenager and a toddler, and trying to instill their worth and value, not just as females, but as individuals can be daunting!