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TGIF! Grab your cup of joe and join our feature blogger Whitney from Cafe Mocha Reflections.

What can I say, I’m right smack in the middle of menopause. Yep that’s me, and all those emotions wrapped up into this journey that I’m taking one day at a time. I blog about my life, some current events and issues that have me scratching my head. I also talk about the hard times, how I’ve finally had to start taking medication to help me through menopause. I love coffee, my family, I work from home, make jewelry, listen to old school r&b, jazz and gospel. Did I say how much I love coffee??

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    Happy SITS Day..late! (!!)
    Your post about the older mom was interesting as I read it I was thinking you would be old like me. My youngest was born when I was 45 and I will be a whole 63 years old when she is through with High School. Not to mention that when this baby child turns 21 my age will be 66 one whole year past being an official senior citizen. Enjoy your children when they are little!!!

    The Garden Goat