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Okay, get ready for random and funny- two of my favorite things in a blog.

Cass {that’s what her friends call her} is a twenty-something who lists Princess Bride AND Juno as two of her all time favorite movies- now THAT is some seriously good taste in cinema.  Plus, she has a picture of Ben & Jerry’s Bohemian Rasberry ice cream on her fascinating “about me” page, so we know she is good people.

Whether she is blogging about the possibilities of becoming a hippie (that line about playing the banjo killed me), or her  boyfriend of the week, Gerard Butler (oh man I love him in PS I Love You) Cass offers a fresh, fun and sassy perspective.

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    Happy Wednesday!! School has officially started.. wow!

    I am giving away a EasyLunchBox system if anyone is interested!

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    She is too cute with her pixie nose and peace sign. I <3 her!

    Had a great day and I don't want it to end. WordPress picked up my photograph post to be featured on the home page in the pictures category. What an honor! It's been a fun day (almost like my SITS day!). I've never been recognized for my photography and that made it even MORE special. Squeeee!!!

    Hope everyone had a happy Wednesday. Gosh, it's close to the weekend!

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    I want to thank EVERYONE who visited my blog today!! It’s been fun. So far, I’ve replied to every comment that wasn’t a pesky “”. (Though, admittedly, I accidentally tried to a couple times…)

    Love you all 😀

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    Happy camel day, ladies!

    I’m late but at least I finally made it!

    ::Phew! Wipes sweat from brows!::

    Off to visit today’s featured blogger but couldn’t do so before wishing everyone a great rest of the day — 109 degrees here, by the way-ugh!

    Peace and serenity,
    ‘The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy’

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    ugh I SWORE I commented earlier, now I can’t find it…
    oh well, I LOVE Cass and am super excited it’s her day!

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    She’s from Vermont, and that’s enough for me to love her! I have very fond memories of Marlboro, VT, and I’m well aware of what an awesome state it is. Sweet!

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    Well, I was gone for a couple months, but I’m baaa-ck! I have a lot of new and exciting things to share with everyone, first being MY DAUGHTERS FINALLY GOT TO COME HOME!

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    Oh my GOODNESS look what I ALMOST missed by being an absentee SITStah for so long. Casa is so funny. LOVES her blog, I do!