It’s Friday, friends! We know everyone is excited to get their weekend started, but let’s first give ChikFood a big welcome.

Wondering what ChikFood is all about? You’ll have to keep reading!

My name is Jennifer Sorenson. I am an actor, mother, writer and crazy person. I still love Gwyneth. ChikFood is about trying to love your best life, even if you pretend to be going to the bathroom (when you’re really reading US magazine) just to get an eff-ing break.

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Goodness. Gracious. Living.
NYC Fit Food Fashion!

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  1. your blog design is awesome! so unique!

  2. On my way over…

  3. vegetarian i think

  4. A few days late…happy SITS day!

  5. Amazing blog, I loved it!

  6. I’m all about loving your life. Good for you for spreading the “love your life love!”

  7. Happy SITS day! I must say, I love your introduction! I am sure I would love your blog as well and I am hoping over there in a minute!

  8. Happy SITS day!

  9. The Hurricane recipe looks bombdiggity and your pictures are gorgeous.

  10. Happy SITS Friday!

  11. What a lovely blog! Happy SITS Day!!

  12. yum – sweet potato chips sound amazing!!

  13. Love the blog! Definitely another one to add to Feedly.

  14. Happy Sits Saturday! Can’t wait to check out your blog.

  15. That looks YUM! Happy SITs day!

  16. MMMMMMMMMMMM sweet potato chips!!

  17. love the site!

  18. Happy SITS Day! I love sweet potatoes so can’t wait to read that recipe!

  19. This blog seems like it’s right up my alley! Can’t wait to read more!

  20. I really enjoyed your blog! Happy SITS

  21. I bet you’ll have awesome recipes on your blog! Hope you had a great SITS a Day!

  22. Wow! Those sweet potato chips looked divine!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Happy SITS day!


  23. Happy SITS day! I can’t to see your blog on sweet potato chips! They are my favorite snack.

  24. Hi, Jennifer, happy SITS day! I just visited your blog! Those sweet potato chips look super delicious! Wish you the best with your blog!

  25. Love your site. Look forward to your recipes for gluten free goodies and your imaginative drink recipes! YUM!!! You are the new Gwyneth!!!

  26. Hi Jennifer!

    Happy SITSDay…headed over to visit and have a few good reads :)

  27. I love your blog! The format and photography are beautiful as well. Happy SITS Day!

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