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Happy Friday!

Before you start your weekend, welcome today’s feature blogger, Cluttered Genius.

cluttered genius

You know how people say that once you have kids, you have “Mommy Brain” and you can’t remember a darn thing? I say that’s rubbish. We, as moms (and dads), are so brilliant that we have trouble keeping it all organized — who has time to remember the wet clothes in the dryer or the location of our keys? We have too much genius swimming around up there in our brain — Cluttered Genius.

Come be a Genius with me!

Here are 3 of Cluttered Genius favorite posts:

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    I just read the post about a letter to your 14 year old self….I had to laugh about the STD that rhymed with your name. I felt soooo sorry for your high school aged self! Hope you had a happy Sits Day!!!

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    Oh my gosh. This is so timely. My babysitter actually organized my coffee table and I had a second of feeling bad that she felt that need (it looked CRAZY at first), but now I know that genius needs a hand. :) Headed over!

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      Heck yeah! I wish someone would come in and organize my stuff – of course, then I’d probably wax crazy on them for moving my things (I have that weird ability to remember where things are in the midst of an awful-looking pile!) :)

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    Yes, I had pregnancy brain which led directly to mommy brain. I’m sure I’ll be cured if I can manage to get seven nights of uninterrupted sleep in a row. I’m holding out hope, anyway. Congrats on being featured!

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    Hooray for you having your blog featured on SITS! Good luck. I’m heading on over to your blog to read your featured posts. I just pinned you on my “Blogs I Follow” Pinterest board.

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    Glad I found sits, and happy to visit your blog, already read about your “new job” lovin it!

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    Cluttered Genius! Boy that describes me to a T. I can so relate. There are just too many interesting things going on to be running around cleaning switchplates with a toothbrush or something. Life is certainly a lot more fun this way, even if I have to do a big stash and dash when company comes over!

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      “Stash and dash” – totally true. I guess that’s why our office and master bedroom just never get straightened! :)

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    I tried to comment on your blog Lydia!!! I think I went STRAIGHT to your spam folder… GAH! So sorry!!! I tend to do this and surely don’t know why… very. frustrating!!!! Your blog looks adorable!!!

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            Well that just sucks! I left one on each article. Now when I follow you and want to support you…you won’t even know! Geesh. Will try to post a comment again now that I have subscribed…hope it works!! Your picture is so adorable btw! LOVED the monster meatloaf vlog too! 😉