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Now, for today, we’ve got a blogger talking about food. Ah, one of my favorite topics.

Meet Aly of Cooking in Stilettos.

Many years ago, I was told that I could not cook my way out of a paper bag, which I foolishly believed. Cooking and I just did not get along. Shortly after my Bampa passed, his well-worn cookbook moved into my kitchen. Armed with his cookbook, various cooking shows and a newfound love for all things culinary, Cooking In Stilettos was born. In addition to recipes that inspire me to pick up the chef’s knife, I also feature entertaining tips, how-tos, and Fab Friday inspiration for the culinary fashionista. Cooking In Stilettos not only taught me how to cook, but gave me something I would have never expected – confidence. As memories of my Bampa’s cooking inspired me, it is my hope that perhaps one of my favorite recipes will inspire you to make magic in your kitchen.

She’d love you to check out one of these:

Roasted Chicken Orzo

Culinary Goals

How to Make Brown Sugar

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    I tried to go to the How to Make Brown Sugar article, but when I clicked the link I got one of those fake “you’ve got a virus” ad things that try to scare you into downloading their malware. So this is a head’s up on that. There, I won’t be visiting anything further at Cooking in Stilettos.

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    Aly, it was so nice to share a table with you last weekend at Bloggy Bootcamp! Yours was probably the first card I got and remembered to look up when I got home based on title alone.