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Monday? Already??

Help us welcome today’s feature blogger, Creatively Sassy.

Let’s join her on her amazing blogging adventure!

When I first started Creatively Sassy I had an idea of what it was going to be about but no idea where it would take me. I knew that I loved fashion, cooking and D.I.Y. projects, so this it’s what I wanted to focus on. I never imagined how my blog would take on a life of its own and send me on this amazing blogging adventure. Creatively Sassy is ever evolving and I’m always thinking about how I can take this to the next level. This is my true passion and I’m so excited I get to share it all with you.

Creatively Sassy’s favorite posts:

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  1. Happy Belated SITS Day!


  2. How cool is that? Another passionate blogger, like I am. It’s so nice to eMeet you!

  3. Heading on over…

  4. On my way (late, yes, but still…)

  5. A little late on my end but Happy (belated) SITS day!

  6. Love your blog title!

  7. Happy belated SITS day, I’m ready for the $20 makeover post!

  8. Happy (belated!) SITS day! Hope you enjoyed your day in the spotlight :) Can’t wait to read your $20 makeover post !

  9. Ooo, sounds intriguing and different – I’m excited to hop in and check it ou!!!

  10. Sounds wonderful, hope you had a great Sits Day!!! I’m playing catch up.

  11. Congrats on your special day! Can’t wait to read thru your blog!

  12. Heading over right now ;-)

  13. I LOVE her blog! Happy SITS Day!

  14. Happy SITS day! Heading over to check out your blog now!

  15. Love your shoestring style post! Happy SITS Day!! Heading over to your blog now!!

  16. Happy SITS Day! Heading on over to say hello!

  17. Yippee!

  18. Sounds like a great blog. Congrats to the FB.


  19. Happy happy happy SITSDay! I jumped over to one of your posts… and now I am going back for more. I love the lighting and background in your photos. AWESOME!!

    You are inspiring me!

  20. Happy Sits Day!!!

  21. Happy SITS DAY!!! Going to check out one sassy blog :)….

  22. Looking forward to reading more!

  23. Love your style post, great blog!

  24. Happy SITS Day! Headed over now!

  25. $20 makeover?! All over that…Happy SITS Day!

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