Decoy Betty: Once Tried, Always Preferred

Decoy Betty is a blog I have a feeling you are going to LOVE.  Decoy Betty is about the writing and the living, (quite possibly including eating Ben & Jerry’s ice cream).  Let’s give Diedre, the author of Decoy Betty a huge and warm SITS welcome!

Love the title of your blog.  How’d you come up with it and what does it mean?
DecoyBetty has been a nickname of mine since I was 17.  My best friend and I used to stack between 6-9 cords of wood for my dad every year to heat our house.  We’d listen to bad pop, talk endlessly about boys, discuss our dreams, and giggle. A lot.  To be honest, I can’t actually remember initially how the whole thing came about, but the joke was I didn’t sound like a Betty (which isn’t my name anyway), but sounded more like her decoy.  Like all things, the telling of the how the name came about is less interesting then the final product.  But it has been the title of my blog since its start in 2003.

Tell us about your “Life Listlessly”.
I first started my life list my senior year of college. I was suffering from depression and watching a lot of day time tv.  It was the year that Ellen (as in Degeneres, that went without saying, right?) was really obsessed with helping people make life lists and I thought maybe if I wrote one it would help me get out of my depression.  It didn’t.  It sat in a blog post on my blog for years, and I never really looked at it.

Then Maggie Mason from Mighty Girl started writing her life list, and I was so inspired by all the things she was accomplishing.  I had also made some big changes in my own life. I had moved to Australia by myself. I had decided to stay here. I was creating new dreams for myself and making them happen and decided that I shouldn’t stop there. So I started writing some new life goals.  I knew that I didn’t want my life list to be, well, listless – like my old one, and I also knew that it would inevitably change as I change.  I wanted the freedom to create new goals and modify the ones on there.

I find it really amazing that since writing some of the things down, I’ve been able to make them happen.  For example, I never thought I’d actually go to Vanuatu, but now circumstances have come up and I’ll most likely be going in November.

When did you start blogging and how has your blog changed over time?
I started blogging as a first year in college in 2003.  It started out as basically a modified diary that only a few close friends read and mostly chronicled my fight with depression while I was in college – although kind of unbeknownst to me, because I thought I was fine.  I’ve removed most of those posts now.

In 2008, that’s when I really started understanding blogging as a medium for building a community.  I gave myself a nom de plume, and started to really interacting with other blogs.  I realised that I could use my blog for sharing my stories as an expat, my dreams of living sustainably, and my baking adventures as a gluten free vegetarian yogini.

Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
I’m really hoping to try and make my blog into a part time business.  I am just not sure what I am selling yet.  My blog and the friendships that I am creating from it are a huge part of my life these days.  The blogs that I read and the people I “meet” are constantly inspiring me and challenging me to live life more, better, fuller and I am so excited to see where all that inspiration leads me.  I guess, asking where I see my blog in five years, is really asking where I see myself in five since all I write about is my feelings.  And I have no idea – and while that scares the living Moses out of me, I kind of like it that way.

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    Hey – we have so much in common. Expat, depression, gluten free (but not veg) and STACKING WOOD. We heated our house with wood growing up.

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    I need to make a life list…I have started a bucket list, which I think is the same thing…we’ll see where it goes!

    Happy SITS day!


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    I’m a relatively new blogger and at first I was just writing to write and as I’ve spent more time online I’ve started developing my own community.

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    I’m a fellow Ben&Jerry’s lover (Chubby Hubby is my favorite!), and a lot of other things you said really resonated with me, particularly your answer to where you see your blog in 5 years. I feel just the same way – about my blog and about my life! Going to check out your blog now…

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    I have a life-list! Haven’t done much of it, but I look forward to crossing off a few more things in the years to come! Great post.

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    I love hearing about how someone’s blog has evolved over time. It’s so nice to know that it can grow and change as the person writing it grows and changes as well….and that people will go along for the ride! I’m looking forward to checking out more of your blog.

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    I am so glad to see you’re accomplishing some of your life goals/list. I think that’s pretty important for all of us and especially getting over depression. I don’t know what it is about that time period in our lives but I’ve known a lot of people who go through depression in college, myself included.

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    Wow I cant believe she just up and moved to Auatralia. Thats impressive. And I love the idea of a life list. Headed to check out her blog now. I love the title of her blog!

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    I think watching soap operas would depress me, too! I was having my car serviced and in the waiting room I watched Victor looked as pained and miserable as he did 25 years ago. Blogging helps me work through my down times, too!