Featured Blogger: Thoughts From An Evil Overlord

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And so Tuesday is upon us.  
Today’s featured blogger is Thoughts From An Evil Overlord
Tiffany: Elizabeth has been a SITSta for such a long time now!  Her blog is so sweet and genuine. 
Heather:  I agree.  This is one sweet blogger and I love her post about caregivers.  They are angels here on Earth.  
A little recommended reading for the tots.  If you need some gift giving ideas…Favorite Christmas Stories
A family that sticks together…no matter what.  Caregivers
It’s a fine line, people.  Collecting Vs. Hoarding
And we wanted to bring your attention to Preston from Me and the Blue Skies, our beloved BITS (Brother In The Sauce), and his post about commenting here.  It’s an excellent bloggy etiquette lesson on commenting back, which is what SITS is all about!
And, as always, when you see this:


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