Filling My Prayer Closet

Today’s featured blogger mixes stories about faith, marriage, and life on her blog, Filling my Prayer Closet.

Filling My Prayer Closet Featured

Cristina is full time all the time. She blogs about her faith through the eyes of an adult convert married to an atheist. A wife, and mother of two children, she also works outside of the home and is an aspiring writer.

Favorite Posts:

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  1. says

    Love this series! I’m looking forward to reading more from Cristina and connecting with other amazing bloggers through SITS.

  2. says

    Having chosen to be a Stay-at-Home-Mom, I especially found “Why I Love Being a Working Mom” interesting. Bottom line – we both made the right choice! Happy SITS Day!

  3. says

    This sounds so interesting, I can’t wait to read more! And has many other ladies have commented, those are some rocking natural curls!! I wish I could get mine to look like that! Happy SITS day!

  4. says

    Loved your working mother post- I agree that we need to do what is best for our families. Thanks for sharing and happy SITS day!


  5. says

    Oh, beloved one! This is YOUR day and I am so happy!

    The day we all became a tribe is the day a miracle occurred. So grateful you are a part of it… I like that we all fit in our own unique ways. Makes the world and the blog love go around! Popping over to see if there are any of your posts I haven’t commented on yet! I’ll tweet and pin, etc. :-)

  6. says

    It is awesome how honest you are with your struggles about being unequally yolked! You are brave to put yourself out there and I’m sure it takes a lot of faith to stick through this difficult part of your marriage and make it work. I will say a prayer for you.
    Happy SITS day!

  7. says

    WOW. As someone who is not religious and vehemently for separation of church and state, I’m very interested to read this perspective! – Heather, Life of a Traveling Navy Wife

  8. Eddie Trinidad says

    So proud of my cousin Cristina, you inspire so many people with your faith and also a great opera singer.

  9. says

    I know none of us are defined by our beauty, but,man, I’ve just gotta say that I am seriously wowed by your curls. (Flame away fro calling me shallow, but, ‘eh,my blog’s name is The Brown Girl with Long Hair, so, what you see is what you get…)

    Last week,I posted about the fact that I’m going to rock my naturally curly hair this weekend for the very first time EVER. (I am addicted to straightening my hair.) Our hair textures are as different as night and day, but your curls give me hope none the less…

    Enough about hair. Congrats on your SITS Day, and I can’t wait to explore your blog!

    Have a great day.

  10. says

    Happy SITS day Cristina! So happy for you! I love your hair! Totally unrelated to blogging but I just wanted you to know! LOL