Flaws, Forgiven

Happy Friday, friends!

Today our featured blogger is Flaws, Forgiven.

I am a freelance commercial writer, administrative ninja, and self-discovery addict. This blog exposes my flaws, both serious and trivial, and seeks to inject them with enough humor, sarcasm, and joy to make them forgivable. I talk about parenting, wife-ing, how to mess up DIY projects, and one of my greatest passions, making burgers out of grass-fed beef. I invite you to stop by, flaws and all, and watch as I stumble around on the road to self-acceptance.

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    Belated congrats on your SITS day! I am just catching up from being out of the loop for a while. I will head over and check out your blog…can’t decide if I want to start with the hooker one or grass-fed beef….hmmmm…..

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      AHHHH you are one of my favorite bloggers!!! Thank you so much for the well-wishes…it made my day!!

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    Sounds like a great blog! Self acceptance is such a challenge for us women! I can definitely relate to messing up DIY projects!

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      HAHA yes, it is kinda my gift. Give me some instructions and I’ll be sure to complicate them and muck some stuff up! :) Thank you so much for reading!