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Happy Monday, friends!

Looking to add some organization, health tips or crafting ideas to your life? If so you’ll want to check out our featured blogger, Goodness. Gracious. Living.

Hello SITStahs! I’m so excited that it is my SITS Day! I am a Nutritionist, Mom (capitalized because it’s a big job), a neat freak, and a kamikaze crafter with an Etsy site. I started blogging on a whim this past June (I hit the publish button accidentally) and I haven’t stopped sharing nutrition tips, recipes, organizational finds, crafting ideas, and anything else that strikes my fancy. I hope you will read some of my favorite posts and come back for more. Enjoy and thanks for checking me out!

Favorite Posts:

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  1. Heading over that way…

  2. Happy SITS Day!

  3. A worth reading post. This article is well written on how can be make our life goodness and gracious living by applying few basic changes to our lifestyle.This was so inspirational.Thanks for sharing it here.

  4. Looks like lots of healthy recipes! Can’t wait to check out more! HApPy SITS day!

  5. Hi, happy SITS Day, I just visited your blog, loved the post Grape Tomato Heaven: The Easiest Sauce Ever! That sauce sounds really yummy. Wish you the best with your blog!

  6. Happy SITS day!!

  7. Happy SITS day!

  8. Oh, you look like FUN! Plus am always looking for easy recipe ideas (I tend to make the same tired things over and over).

    Happy happy SITS day!!!

  9. That tomato recipe looks SOOO good! Happy SITS day!

  10. You are beautiful Beth! How exciting to see someone from my tribe featured! Hope it was a wonderful day!!

  11. Hello SITStah –

    “Happy SITS Day!” I am looking forward to checking out your blog and your Etsy Store.

    Wishing you the absolute best!


  12. Happy SITS day!

  13. Happy SITS Day!

  14. I think you can capitalize all 3 letters in MOM. Headed over to check out your site — happy SITS day!!

  15. Happy SITs Day!! :) ..Congrats and I look forward to reading your blog.

  16. Happy SITS day! Wishing you abundant success!

  17. Happy SITS day! You do have a great blog. Loved the post about camping and the feelings that it leave you with once it is time to part ways with your friends. Blessings! :)

  18. Happy SITS Day! I too am a neat freak so I can’t wait to read your blog!

  19. Can’t wait to visit your blog and your etsy page! Happy SITS day!

  20. Happy SITS day!

  21. Happy SITS day! :-)

  22. Happy SITS day!

  23. Happy SITS Day!

  24. Looking forward to reading your blog!

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