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We’ve got a special featured blogger who finds a way to “embrace the joy in everyday.” What a simple, yet important message. Whether she is writing about her adventures with “The Boy” or sharing grief resources for those who are dealing with loss, Michelle writes a beautiful blog.

Please give a big SITS Girl welcome to Michelle of This Little Light.

I’m just a girl, a wife, a mom, and a blogger who hopes to remind others of the sweet little joys of life that can so easily be overlooked. I survived the tragedy of my daughters coming into the world 4 months too soon, and hope that at “this little light,” my readers will see that their light can still shine, despite whatever heartbreaks they’ve endured. TLL is where I share my laughs, my joys (ode to “The Boy” and coffee!), my victories, my heartbreaks…and I hope it’s a place where others might be inspired!

These are worth the click:
Simple Life

Nothing Left But Everything

Five Year Old Sleepover

Time to “roll call” by leaving a short comment below and then head on over to Michelle’s place!

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    Grief is a tough topic for anyone. Losing a baby is also another tough area. But just b/c something is tough to talk about doesn’t mean we shouldn’t! HAPPY SITS DAY! Since my miscarriage (1st trimester) I’ve learned that it’s extremely common, which made me feel better, but I was so unaware.

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    I LOVE the idea behind this blog, everyone needs to be sure they appreciate the small things in life because those are usually the most meaningful things! Happy SITS day!

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    Finding the little light in everything is what makes life all the more brighter! Congrats on your featured day!

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    I read your post “Nothing left but everything” and was so touched by it. I lost our first child to miscarriage, and I thought the pain of it would swallow me whole. I don’t believe that “time heals all wounds” because almost four years later, that loss still leaves me gasping for breath and tearing up. But I do believe that in time, God replaces some of the grief with grace. The grace to keep breathing. The grace to find acceptance if not understanding. The grace to laugh again.

    Your post reminded me of all that I felt and often still feel. Thank you for sharing.

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    Such a great blog! I just read ‘A Simple Life’…and it nearly brought me to tears. Just wonderful.

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    Happy SITS day! Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us all how precious life is. Finding and embracing the joy in every day things is so important – thank you for reminding me how much I have to be thankful for.

    p.s. the 5 year old sleepover story is hilarious and adorable!

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    wow I love your blog and Happy SITS day. I’m one of your new followers. What an encouragement you are to all of us. :)

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    Happy SITS day. I admire your candideness and you sharing your journey to inspire others. Your blog is truly inspirational.

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    Happy SITS Day Michelle! I totally fell in love with your blog! Your post, “This One’s For the Girls”, I give you a High Five Sistah!!!!

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    Michelle, what a beautiful, enriching blog you’ve created! Your positive message of hope must provide inspiration to so many readers. Thank you for your honesty about your own grief and healing, and God bless you and your family!

    – Evanthia of merelymothers