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Did you you check out yesterday’s featured blogger? She knows all about the best iphone apps. It’s not to late to give her some comment lovin!

Now, for today’s special lady.

I love it when someone I know and love gets a feature day. Danielle of Kitten A Go-Go and I met as bloggers and turned into friends. She is smart, HILARIOUS and has a strange affection for hairless cat breeds. She is a regular speaker at our Bloggy Boot Camp’s where she gives the the low down on blogger/brand contracts- it’s important stuff and she delivers it with humor. And pictures of her cats.

Once, I was interviewed by a national news show and was asked why my blog was called Kitten a Go-Go and I said I didn’t know. Not true – just a long story. Fifteen years ago, it started because I thought it would be a good name for a theme restaurant. Now, it’s a place where I share my stories. This blog has chronicled my journey through law school, my legal career, my health battles, my compulsive shopping addiction, my struggle to pay off $37,000 in credit card debt, my love of haiku, my weird fascination with unicorns and hairless cats – all with a much needed dose of humor and self-proclaimed awesomeness.

Social Media Changes My Life

Why You Should Always Say, “I Love You.”

I Killed Discover {She give her Discover card a Viking funeral. There is video. Its HILARIOUS}

Time to ROLL CALL {leave a comment below.} Then go be the fabulous, supportive, loving women I know you are and visit Danielle’s blog and tell her how pretty and smart she is…

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One of two behind The SITS Girls and Bloggy Boot Camp. Lover of college football, sushi and my son's freckles. I am a real life camp director, believer in possibility and devourer of books. You can find me on Google Plus {occasionally} at Tiffany Romero and tweeting {constantly} @TiffanyRom.
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  1. I love her little snippet about herself! So raw and honest – debt and shopping addictions are toxic combinations! I love the name and the story!

  2. Congratulations on SITS Day! Loved the Discover card video!

  3. Hairless cats?! I can’t wait to check out the pictures.

    Happy SITS Day!

  4. Looks interesting! Quite a diverse blog.. love it!

  5. Happy Belated Sits!

  6. Happy Belated SITS Day!

  7. happy belated sits day!

    i love your blog!

  8. Sorry I missed this! I only get to use a computer here and there. Off to check her out!

  9. How did I miss this? Oh well. Off to visit!

  10. Late to the party, but I finally made it over for a visit.

  11. We’d love to know all about the best iphone apps too, Danielle! Heading over for a visit…

  12. Happy SITS Day!!!

  13. Happy SITS day! Heading over…

  14. Have a happy SITS day!

  15. On my way to visit Danielle.

  16. I now follow Kitten A Go-Go :) xoxo

  17. Happy SITS day! Hope you had a great one :)

  18. I loe the fact that your blog doesn’t have a specific theme to it. Gives me and my little blog hope!

  19. Happy Friday Ladies. Heading over to check out Danielle’s blog.

  20. Just read your blog… loved it! Happy SITS Day!

  21. Happy Sits Day! Looking foward to reading your blog!

  22. What’s up y’all, I’m on the roll call. Bout to go post on kitten a go-go’s wall. (Forgive me, I’ve been on a weird rap kick lately.)

  23. Happy SITS Day! Off to view your blog and checkout that funny video. :)

  24. Danielle is one of my bloggy buddies and I absolutely love her (and her cats) to death! Congrats on your big day sistah-friend!

  25. LOVE Danielle, totally stoked it’s her SITS day!

  26. headed over

  27. happy friday! There have been some really good blogs lately!

  28. Happy sits day! I think that would be a nice name for a restaurant.

  29. Congrats on your SITS day! I find the thought of a funeral for your credit card quite hilarious. :)

  30. When I mix together everything that you say that your blog is about, I get “interesting”. So I guess I better get over to your blog, to check it out.

    Congratulations on being the FB of the day. I just know that you deserve it. Why… you’re multi-subjected!

    Danielle, enjoy your special day!

  31. Love it! Happy SITS day!

  32. Oh man, the Viking credit card funeral was GENIUS! So funny. Way to go! Your blog is darling.

  33. howdy.

  34. Hey there, fellow reformed overspender! I plan for my mastercard to have a full Viking burial too C:

    • Just a warning – it is hard to get that card to burn. I was throwing alcohol pads from the first aid kit to get some fire. There were children helping. As a lesson to show that debt is bad.

  35. Hey! Happy SITS Day!

  36. I love Danielle – so excited to see her featured today!

  37. This sounds like an interesting blogger and a good read… heading over to check it out!

  38. Looking forward to checking out your blog!

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