Happy Birthday to Tiffany!

We’ve got a very special person we’re celebrating today!

The girl responsible for Bloggy Boot Camp and The SITS Girls is having a birthday.

the sits girls

Tiffany and I like to joke that we’re in a marriage. I suppose all good friends are. You have your very good days, your not-so-good days, and the days you laugh until you cry.

What sets Tiffany apart is that her story is not about where she’s been or what she’s done, it’s about the moments she’s shared and the people she’s met.

And even though you may not know her personally, you’ll find that you will easily be able to relate to her. Her sense of humor, warm smile, and big heart can come across even through a computer screen and make her someone you want in your circle of friends.

the sits girls

the sits girls

the sits girls

the sits girls

Tiffany inspires others to see the world for what it truly is: good people looking for happiness and mutual understanding. And out of the many people you’ll meet or know in life, she will be one of the people you always remember.

So on this very special day, we wish Tiffany a happy birthday. And congratulations on another year of success.

We hope you celebrate with lots of great friends and family and with the thoughts of people you’ve inspired everywhere.

the sits girls

Join us in celebrating by leaving your good wishes in the comments below or sending a shout out on Twitter to @TiffanyRom.

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    Happy Birthday!! I hope your day was special, and sending lots of warm thoughts from my corner of the blogosphere to a sincerely caring, fun gal!

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    Hi Tiffany, I’m so sorry I missed your birthday yesterday. I had shoulder surgery. Trying to type with one hand is not fun, especially since they did surgery on my dominant arm. But, never fear, even late, I hope you had a wonderful birthday and that you got your birthday wish.

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    Happy Birthday Tiffany!! You are truly an amazing person, I feel so honored to have met you, know you and work with you! I hope your day was wonderful & I truly wish you another year of great success!!

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    Happy, happy day to you! I’m so incredibly glad to be part of your awesome “family” here. Wishing you a day (and year) of love, joy, and wicked great blogitude!

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    Happy Birthday Tiffany!! thank you for everything you do and thanks for what you bring to so many people, with SITS. Thanks for the constant encouragement through this ministry of a blog you have going on here!!!! So much inspiration! Praying God has really blessed you on your special day today~!

    God Bless & keep doing what you’ re doing. It’s nice to always feel such a welcoming and warmth here.

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    Oh I couldn’t agree more with everything you wrote. I met Tiffany at Bloggy Boot Camp in 2010 and she lit up the room with her presence and also her sage and sound advice. She told me to get on Twitter before I did anything else and she was 100% right! So it is only fitting as I celebrate 3 years of blogging this month that I be wishing a very, very happy birthday to the person that has helped me get this far! Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!!

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    Happy Birthday Tiffany! I’ll never forget how welcome you made me feel at #BBCChicago. Being a part of the SITS girls is like being a part of a family and that all starts with you and Fran. Thanks so much for everything you’ve taught me about blogging!

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    Happy Happy Birthday Tiffany!!!! I just adore you. Am so grateful for your friendship, your mentoring, your support, your encouragement. So many women have been uplifted and inspired by you that you’ve made this industry such a better place.

    I’m honored to call you friend. I aspire to connect with people the way you do. I’m grateful for your influence in my life.

    Huge Hugs,

    ~ Laurie