I’m Domestic… Not Dead!

I love the name of today’s featured blogger. She is a happy housewife and proud of it! Please welcome Alethea from I’m Domestic…Not Dead!

I’m Domestic, Not Dead

Here’s a bit of Alethea’s story:

One year and a few months ago, my children decided to grow up and skip off to elementary school.  I disagreed, but the state of Tennessee didn’t, which means  I reluctantly relinquished my mommy duties over to a couple of twenty-somethings who know ’bout schoolin’ my kiddos better’n me.  I’d felt I’d lost my job for the better part of the day and, to put it nicely, I freaked.  I’m Domestic…not DEAD! is my therapizing, made-up words, trapped inside run-on sentences, dramatically flaired journey to figure out what the heck an elementary school empty-nester is.  Turns out, she’s pretty darn cool.  I’m hoping others might relate.

I'm Domestic Not Dead

Some of Alethea’s favorite posts:

I’m Starting a Nudist Colony is a great solution for a common household problem.

Take a peek into the school cafeteria with The Lord of the Flies Effect and Didn’t Hillary Say It Takes a Village? is a great take on how to look at your house being overrun by kids.

Now it’s time for you to leave a quick comment for Roll Call, then head to I’m Domestic…Not Dead to get to know Alethea even more!

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    Happy SITS day. My one and only just went off to kindergarten this year. I am having homework stress again!