Insight Into Infertility: Half a Duo, Raising a Duo

I had the pleasure of meeting the author behind Half a Duo, Raising a Duo at Bloggy Boot Camp in Boston last weekend.

She is a wonderful woman, who has been blogging for five years and made the leap into the blog conference world with our stop in Boston.  During our day together, she shared stories about her family, her blog, and, most importantly, that she is a long-time devotee to SITS.

trying to conceive

A bit more about this blogger…

The author of Half of a Duo, Raising a Duo is an identical twin, raising fraternal twin sons and is on the south side of age 50. Also known as “the grey lady”, she and her DH have been married two decades and still going strong.

Our sons are blessings via the non-traditional means of family building called Traditional Surrogacy, which is rare.

Because we had a last minute feature day cancellation today, I’m surprising Half a Duo, Raising a Duo with a feature day! Go over and give her a warm SITStah-ly welcome.

And while you’re on her blog, be sure to check out her latest post on infertility. The post, entitled Brick Walls Stretching to the Heavens, is dedicated to understanding infertility from a man’s perspective. It is something I personally have never considered before and found incredibly powerful.

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    I too suffered from infertility and also multiple miscarriages. I finally have my 3 babies and pray that will happen for all who are ttc! I lost 5 ended up delivering 2 babies and adopting one. I gave up on my body and said forget it! lol I am off to check out your blog!

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    Thank you with all my heart for the feature. Talk about shock and awe. I truly appreciate the loving and carefully worded comments to my post, which is a piece I wrote at RESOLVE’s national chapter’s request for National Infertility Week. I’d love to blog more often, I think that the comments generated by my SITS day has truly motivated me to devote more time to my craft.

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    Insightful post even for those of us supporting someone currently in this situation. The twins are adorable!

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    What an awesome story… very inspiring. I think unless you have experienced infertility you don’t have the same insights, so I find it very interesting to learn from someone else.

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    Wow, the timing on this post is amazing. I think having this so soon after Mothers Day means a lot to some of us!

    Its hard to be a non-mommy blogger sometimes, so its nice to see sucess stories out there.

    Stop by for Random Wednesday!

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    Congrats on being featured. Raising twins is quite a task. I certainly applaud you for your devotion and love of your children. I’ll be heading over to your blog in just a few minutes to read more.

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    Awwwwwwwww amazing – definitely gonna go stop by and say hi 😀 As an infertility grad myself, I love to read other women’s success stories!

    Happy Wednesday to all the SITS Girls!