Ignorant Historian

Good day to you! We hope it’s getting off to a fabulous start.

Our featured blogger today named her blog with a tip of her hat to a Jane Austen novel. Say hello to Ronnica of Ignorant Historian!

Ignorant Historian

Here’s what Ronnica has to say for herself:

My blog name, “Ignorant Historian,” comes from a Jane Austen quote, so it’s no surprise I’m a big reader. I’ve been unemployed for a month and am self-publishing my futuristic young adult novel in a few weeks, so these are big days for me. As someone who is unintentionally single and purposefully sexually abstinent, I frequently blog about singleness and my faith.

Ignorant Historian

Some of Ronnica’s favorite posts are:

Considering contentment v. complacency in Too Comfortable

Children, Pneumonia and Tornadoes, Oh My! outlines a crazy time.

Her upcoming goals in 30 Before 30.

Now check in here with a quick Roll Call comment, and head over to Ignorant Historian for more of Ronnica!

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  1. Happy Belated SITS day!

  2. Roses daughter says:

    Going to check it out!

  3. Happy SITS day! The idea behind this blog is so different and refreshing, I can’t wait to go check it out. Hope you are all out enjoying your weekend!

  4. Congrats on your SITS day!

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  6. looking forward in getting to know Ronnica

  7. I love it when someone unabashedly declares who they are and what they stand for!

  8. Happy SITS day although I am a little late…

  9. Love the 30 before 30–I’ve had friends who’ve done this. I’ll need to come up with my own for the next couple of years!!

  10. Happy Sits Day! Sorry this is coming to you late! I was fasting from the internet!

    I have a 30 before 30, too!!!!

  11. Will def check it out!!

  12. Going there now!

  13. i admire women who embrace their singleness! heading over to meet the Ignorant Historian. :)

  14. Super cool! Love the blog title. :)

  15. Happy SITS day! I love reading too!

  16. Headed there now!

  17. Wow, December already! Time flies by. Can’t wait to check out the featured blogger.

  18. Just read the “30 before 30″ post and loved it. Thank you for sharing!

  19. Happy Thursday evening :) Love the name of her blog!

  20. Happy SITS day! Going over to check out your blog now!

  21. :)

  22. I’m excited to check her blog out!


    I’m RONICA, so with one N, but I go by Ronni, with 2 Ns, which confuses a lot of people.

    Happy SITS day!!!

  24. Couldn’t get on this morning…so I’m looking forward to checking out Ronnica’s blog this evening!

  25. Happy December!

  26. Happy Thursday! I’m off to check out the FB.

  27. Wow, now this is something different! I don’t think I’ve seen a blog that tackles subjects like this. I’ll definitely check it out!

  28. I wish I was only almost 30. haha.

  29. Off to say hi!

  30. On my way!

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