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The weekend is almost here! We are so excited to see many of you at Women Get Social, San Diego! Before we get to ahead of ourselves lets all give a warm welcome to Jia and the Stars!


I am a Swedish latte lover mother who loves to write. Been blogging for over 3 years and the passion for blogging is just growing. Jia and the Stars is my new blog that I started in September 2013. I like fashion and home interior and that is two of my favorite topics that I like to share with my readers. But the main thing I like the most since I started blogging, that is all the new connection with other bloggers I have got. Jia and the Stars are a two language blog. I write in both Swedish and English and that has been a very positive development from the readers.

Favorite Posts:

Winter Cold Fashion
Banana and toffee pie
Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

Go visit Jia and the Stars and share the comment love! Make sure to comment below for roll call.

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  1. Hope you had a wonderful SITS day!

  2. Happy SITS day!

  3. Happy belated SITS Day! I’m on my way to your blog right now…

  4. OMG those recipes look amazing! And I have heard about banoffee pie before and have been dying to try it! Will definitely try the recipe!

  5. I hope your SITSDay was wonderful and I can’t wait to stop by your blog and explore a bit. :D

  6. Happy sits day!

  7. Happy SITS day, your recipes look great, the chicken with bacon made my mouth water!

  8. On my way over…

  9. Happy SITS day Jia! So cool that you can write in both languages!

  10. HAPPY Belated SITS Day! I am headed over to your blog now to check out that banana recipe – banana desserts are my favorite things!

  11. On my way over…

  12. Your blog sounds like my cup of tea! Heading over now!

  13. Happy SITS Day!!!!

  14. Happy SITS day! I can’t wait to check out your blog!

  15. Happy SITS day!!

  16. Banana toffee pie?? Sounds amazing! Hope you had a wonderful SITS Day :)

  17. Happy SITS day!

  18. Happy SITS day! Hope it was a great one!

  19. Hope you had a lovely SITS Day! :-)

  20. I marvel at multi-lingual people. wowzers. Inspiring indeed.

  21. Happy SITS Day!

  22. Congratulations on your SITS Day.

  23. Happy SITS day :)

  24. Happy SITS day to you! I love that your blog is bilingual! Very unique!

  25. I need to try that masque :)

  26. Happy SITS Day Jia!

  27. Glad you love blogging so much. I feel the same way!

  28. Happy SITS day! How neat you write in Swedish too!

  29. Happy SITS Day!

  30. Happy SITS day!

  31. Happy SITS Day! I am looking forward to seeing what you have to share :)

  32. Love the concept! Headed over to check it out now. I hope you are having a wonderful SITS day!

  33. Hi Jia, happy SITS Day and all the best with your blogging! Will go visit your blog now.

  34. Happy SITS Day!!!

  35. How cool that you blog in both English and Swedish! Since I only know one language, I think it’s awesome when people know more! Happy SITS Day!

  36. That’s really cool to be able to write in two languages! I’m curious as to where you wrote previously and about what since this is a new blog.

  37. Happy SITS day!

  38. You had me at latte:) Happy SITs day!

  39. You are speaking my language! Happy SITS Day! Now onto visiting more of my SITS girls blogs.

  40. Happy SITS Day!

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