Adventures in Blogging

We’re happy to give one of our regular contributors her SITS day today! Kimberly from Adventures in Blogging has lots of blogging tips to share with you!

Adventures in Blogging
Here’s a little intro to Kim:

I love my best friend, our spoiled animals, photography, reading, and laughing loudly. I share everything I’m learning on my adventure to becoming the Oprah of the Blogosphere.

When my photography blog started growing, my email was flooded with questions about blogging and during a happy hour with a friend Adventures in Blogging was created. Today I have three blogs and I’m having a blast! It’s easy when your kids have four legs.

Adventures in Blogging

Here are some of Kim’s favorite posts:

Bloggers Need a Thick Skin When Dealing With Negative Blog Comments is sage advice for us all on a familiar topic.

Learn some time management tricks in 7 Things That Help Me Manage 3 Blogs While Working Full Time.

It’s a Beee-oootch When TimThumb Opens Your Site’s Back Door deals with bad things happening to good bloggers!

Check in below for Roll Call and then head over for more Adventures in Blogging with Kimberly!

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  1. Can’t wait to check out your blog! (or blogs!) Happy SITS Day!

  2. Happy SITS Day!

  3. Look forward to reading =)

  4. Happy SITS day!

  5. Happy SITS day!!!

  6. I can’t wait to read your blog!

  7. Wow, love the new redesign. I still miss the pink zebra print. Looks sharp though. I particiularly like the new fonts – very crisp.

  8. Happy SITS day! Off to enjoy your blog :)

  9. Happy SITS Day!

  10. Happy Sits Day

  11. I’m late, but Happy SITS day!.

  12. Happy SITS day! Going to check out the blog now!

  13. what fun! I love how you characterize yourself as the Opera of the blogosphere. I look forward to learning many skills under you tutelage!

  14. Great – off of to visit.

  15. Ohh looking forward to reading more. :)))

  16. Chach @ the third boob says:


  17. Wow! 3 blogs? You are a very busy woman! I hope to get some great tips from you…lord knows I need them!

  18. I’m always looking for good blogging tips so looking forward to checking out this site. And the fact she has 3 blogs AND a FT job definitely piqued my curiosity. (I’m trying to find out how to do it with just one blog–though my 3 kids only have 2 legs.)

  19. Getting caught up a bit late, but here!

  20. A day late, but checking in!

  21. Here!

  22. three blogs! wow! rock on!

  23. Friday — finally! Whew!

  24. Congrats on your SITS day. I’m going to go check our your blog :)

  25. Happy SITS Day! Wow – THREE blogs! I can only keep up with one!

  26. Happy SITS Day!

  27. Here.

  28. Happy SITS day! I’m still new to the blogging world and this site is amazing! I don’t know how you can keep up with three blogs! Kudos!

  29. I am in awe of someone who can keep up with three blogs and be as fun as Kim is!

  30. I’m new to blogging and I’m so thankful when I see sites filled with helpful info. Thanks for sharing and happy SITS day!

  31. Looks like a goodie!

  32. Happy SITS day!

  33. Happy SITS day!! So excited to go check out your blog!

  34. Happy SITS day! I have no idea how you keep 3 blogs going! Bless your heart!

  35. Three blogs!!! Oh my goodness. Heading over! Happy SITS day!

  36. Looking forward to reading all your tips =)

  37. Happy SITS Day! Love the line, “our kids have four legs.” :)

  38. Looks like a ton of great information! Happy SITS day!

  39. Looking forward to reading her posts, especially the time management. I have trouble with the blog I have never mind 3. :)

  40. Ohhh… I think I need this! I’m hoping you have some tips for ADD mommies of two very active little boys! LOL. I doubt you do, but I bet you still have some helpful stuff!

  41. Happy SITS day! I could definitely use some tips… I’m heading right over.

  42. Happy SITS day!

  43. Happy SITS day. I am amazed by anyone that can keep three blogs going!!

  44. Happy SITS day!

  45. Happy SITS day!

  46. Oh fun, Happy Sits Day!

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