Leaving the Corner & Dipping my Toes

If you love great style tips, but you are also on a budget, you will love today’s featured blogger,¬†Leaving the Corner & Dipping my Toes.

dipping my toes

Hi guys, I am the little Colombian behind Leaving the Corner & Dipping my Toes, I started my blog to help me break out of my comfort zone and share a bit of my life in the process, and I have found that you can be quite stylish while still on a budget, come over to take a look and stay as long as you wish :)

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  1. Fabulous! Happy Belated SITS Day!

  2. Stylish on a budget? Sounds like my kind of blog!

  3. Happy SITS Day! :) I am gonna check out your site! Sounds interesting! :)

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  11. Happy SITS day! Excited to check out your blog!

  12. Hi, happy SITS day! Will visit your blog now. One of my very best friends ever is a Colombian who married an Aussie and is now living down under. We stay in touch through social media. Wish you the best with your blog!

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  14. happy SITS day! :-)

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  17. Welcome and congrats!

  18. Enjoy your SITS Day!

    Rachel recently posted Brand the Heck Out of Yourself!

  19. I love savvy shopping tips! Can’t wait to read more!!

  20. Happy SITS day! Love the idea of style on a budget, as that’s a necessity for me.

  21. Happpy SITS Day! I love you you first got started and your clothing is just adorable! Keep it up :)

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  23. Happy SITS!!! Great page love the variety in styles, buena suerte :)

  24. Visited your blog. What beautiful, crisp photographs!! Gorgeous! Happy SITS Day!

  25. What an inspiring blog name, Natalia! I just checked out your giveaway post – Wow! Thanks for offering such an enticing giveaway.

    Happy SITS Day!

  26. Love the name of your blog. Heading over to read now! Happy SITS day!

  27. I am always on some type of a budget.. love this! Happy SITS day!

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  30. Happy SITS Day!! :)

  31. Happy SITS day! Style is definitely NOT one of my long suits! I’ll be enjoying any help I can get:)

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  33. I LOVE your hat! Happy SITS Day. Hopping over to read about Florals.

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